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Objectif Lune (OL) develops and sells software technology, worldwide, creating innovative solutions for interactive business and customer communications, giving immediate access to all the advantages of the digital age. This significantly eases digital transformation as well as the optimisation of communication processes. The advantage: the processes of capturing your business-critical data & documents and transforming them into digital communications with interactive workflows is what the OL Connect solutions offer. Typical documents flowing through such a process could be: invoices, statements, purchase orders, shipping documents, average looking boring emails, personalized datasheets, flyers, mailings and invitations. OL Connect facilitates the entry into a clever mix of digital and print-based solutions, from small & simple to large & complex projects.

Objectif Lune cultivates long-standing partnerships with top-class print, technology and business partners who are concerned with customer communication management and are working with the range of solutions we offer. At the core of everything stands a constant exchange of knowledge, experience and state-of-the-art-technology.


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One of the technical aspects is that OL (one of the few independent providers) whose portfolio includes the possibility of connecting non-related software solutions, which structure and administer the entire document cycle efficiently with a “perpetually mobile effect”. The results are targeted digital solutions that significantly improve business relationships and therefore promote customer relationships, long term.

Seen from a business perspective, OL has taken a unique route: starting out with a philosophy of turning visions into reality, and always following new paths. OL has developed into the first company on the market that provides a range of applications that span from beginner to top expert-use, in all important areas — especially document design, process automation, personalisation/individualisation (with variable data print), postal sorting and preparation, as well as electronic forms. Thanks to the OL company philosophy, prices to this day remain to be very reasonable, and the solutions are designed in a simple and adaptable manner, throughout.


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Big progress: OL presented already Software-Suite Connect 1.4.


Important milestones

For OL customers the acquisition of PrintSoft (the manufacturer of PReS) in 2011 opened doors to new applications of a powerful solution for large print volumes. — At the end of 2015 the OL solutions were improved further with the release of the version 1.3 of the OL Connect software suite, now including a number of multilingual user interfaces. — With Capture OnTheGo, OL offers a mobile solution to capture data from electronic forms, which triggers processes when on the go per digital signature. — OL has also found a way to reduce paper use and paper-based processes, with a digital pen.

The special feature

OL solutions allow all companies to undertake a seamless transformation and experience dynamic growth, long-lastingly. Seeking and finding new paths serves to increase efficiency, all that with the OL customer in mind. OL’s focus is making interactive business correspondence an essential component of an enduring effective Customer Communication Management (CCM).

The OL solutions in detail, which can scale to grow along with the customer’s requirements:

  • PrintShop Mail Connect | A VDP tool for personalization of documents, made easy. printshopmail.objectiflune.com
  • PlanetPress Connect | A multichannel solution that includes workflow and process automation planetpress.objectiflune.com
  • PReS Connect | A tailored enterprise solution for high volume business communication, and Hybrid Mail www.printsoft.com
  • Capture OnTheGo| A solution for process automation, combining on-the-go convenience with fast document processing through digital signature. capture.objectiflune.com

Company background

Objectif Lune (OL) develops simple and effective software that is fun and helps companies  communicate more efficiently with their customers. Born in 1993 from an idea by three friends, Objectif Lune now has over 240 employees worldwide, serving over 20 000 organizations, who all want to bring their customer communications to the next level. With technical support around the world and three R&D facilities in Montréal (Canada), The Netherlands, and Australia, OL works hard to make lives easier. The OL mission statement: “Objectif Lune’s mission is to free customers from legacy mentality by creating elegant software tools to help our customers communicate more effectively with their customers.” The OL headquarters are in Montreal, Canada. The German headquarters of the company are in Darmstadt.


Simone Angelica Wolf, OBJECTIF LUNE,
Management OL Italy & Marketing OL EMEA

OL Blog – http://www.objectiflune.com

OL Media Center – web.objectiflune.com/cn/aaj74/drupa-media-center


OL drupa invite mobile

Visit OL’s Media Center as well:  web.objectiflune.com/cn/aaj74/drupa-media-center

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    #drupa2016: Exceeding All Expectations- Objectif Lune Expands Their Market Position Remarkably

    “Global leading print tradeshow, drupa 2016 was an immense success. We exceeded all expectations,” says Didier Gombert, CEO of Objectif Lune (short: OL) on the outcome of #drupa2016.

    “The show-motto ‘Touch the future’ encouraged us to notably expand our strategy in becoming a leader for innovative software solutions in the field of interactive business and customer communication,” adds Gombert. Striking really, since drupa traditionally showcases news around print- and paper technology.

    The reasons behind OL’s success, according to Gombert: In the digital age we understand how to set print into context in an appropriate manner.

    The starting points are HTML, CSS and JavaScript, enabling to connect print applications seamlessly to any digital communication process.
    OL’s drupa-motto demonstrated their focus: “Simply clever: Turn data into personalised cross-media solutions!” This attracted customers and business partners from around the globe. Partners such as PitneyBowes, Canon, KonicaMinolta and Ricoh, presented a portfolio of OL solutions on their stands, hereby extending to the next level: The Connect concept foresees that all modules of the OL applications portfolio can be linked, allowing for an unobstructed scalability: from user-friendly starter utilization to highly complex expert solutions.

    Company background:
    Objectif Lune (OL) develops simple and effective software in the field of customer communication management. Founded in 1993, Objectif Lune now has over 240 employees worldwide, serving over 20,000 organizations. OL provides global technical support and owns three R&D facilities in Montréal (Canada), The Netherlands, and Australia. OL works hard to make the lives of businesses and workforces, easier. The OL headquarters are in Montreal, Canada.

    Further info at http://www.objectiflune.com
    Info for Journalists via OL Media Center:

    Simone Angelica Wolf
    Marketing OL EMEA
    T +39-0522-511-301
    M +39-342-531-73-33


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