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“The unique thing about ValuePublishing: We know how to set up multichannel specialist communication in an innovative, smart, sustainable and highly effective manner!”

Mainz/Vienna, at the start of 2016

Information on what is currently the most innovative B2B multichannel communication solution 

Back in 2015, exciting approaches were revealed for us all in discussions with numerous experts and the drupa team at Messe Düsseldorf. The focus: The variety and complexity of the new solutions in the print and paper sector is growing with huge dynamism. Thanks to Industry 4.0 (cyber-physical systems or integrated automation) and the Internet of Things, the current drivers of digitisation, all business and communications processes are being revolutionised at the same time, with the number of challenges growing explosively.

The drupa slogan “Touch the Future” and an ambitious drupa exhibition programme reflect the unheard-of extremely high pace with which astounding changes are taking place. Our current ValuePublishing stories on Heidelberg’s print and paper strategy “Simply Smart” demonstrate in an impressive manner how one can respond to current developments.

  • So the good news about drupa 2016 is: From an expert’s perspective, the print and paper sector is taking on a pioneering role in the digital transformation.
  • The not so good news: The plethora of innovations that are to be seen at this leading exhibition from 31 May 2016 onwards and hence the wealth of information are difficult to take in. At least with the opportunities that we have made use of to date.
  • The solution in our view: Innovative technologies and solutions must also be communicated in a consistently innovative way! In real time. Through multimedia. In a market, customer and demand-orientated manner.


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“Innovative technologies and solutions must also be communicated in a consistently innovative way! In real time. Through multimedia. In a market, customer and demand-orientated manner.”

Our proposal: Make your range of print and paper products and services an important topic of conversation of your customers and their customers even before the exhibition through ValuePublishing! Above all to make early contact with the new target groups relevant to you.

It is only in this way that the necessary decision processes can be greatly accelerated by effective one-to-one exchange of information.

Our high-quality innovative ValuePublishing service is directed accordingly in such a way that pilot projects have already been validated, not only with Heidelberger Druckmaschinen but also with top drupa exhibitors like Canon, Zünd Systemtechnik and multichannel experts of the XMPie User Group with their international experience.

To suit your requirements as an exhibitor we have developed a unique B2B multichannel communication solution that can be used immediately and which is above all highly effective:

  • Core messages without scatter losses, with proven maximum reach 
  • With strong impetus to interact so as to initiate dialogues and exhibition visits.


Benefit from our contact with the new target groups most important to you, specifically those that intend to implement innovations immediately provided that the benefit is presented in a comprehensible and logical fashion.

Involve us in the dialogue at an early stage so as to determine the best communication solution for you!

Kind regards from the ValuePublishing Team

Michael Seidl, EMG Vienna, m.seidl(at)europeanmediagroup.at, M +43 676 410 9330
Andreas Weber, Value Communication Mainz, zeitenwende(at)me.com, M +49 171 334 3765

PS: Please see attached our ValuePublishing range of digital services that can be reserved right now! If needed you could benefit from our ValuePublishing Coachings as well.


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Our tips for successful collaboration

  1. Follow the links to our examples of success.
  2. Use our expertise to build up or expand your knowledge and opportunities.
  3. Focus 100% on your innovations. We will present these in the media in a contemporary manner and with skill!

About us:

ValuePublishing represents a new kind of publication service that has been specially developed by sector experts Michael Seidl and Andreas Weber to present all the relevant topics of drupa 2016 via multichannel communication effectively and sustainably before and during drupa 2016:

  • Online via ValueBlog (ISSN 2364-7639), e-newsletter and via ValueSocialMedia platforms
  • and also customised in print (specialist magazines, specials/direct marketing).

Publication is in German and English. 15,000 contacts are reached directly thanks to our soundly-based knowledge unique to the sector and to networking talent, with in addition a wide reach of up to over 1 million, depending on the topic/content


Secure and strengthen your exhibition investment. We ensure that the products and services that you offer at the exhibition become the top topic of conversation even before the exhibition and that they are communicated in a targeted way to new visitors who are looking to buy their solutions or to use them via service providers without delay. Your exhibition presence and the drupa slogan “Touch the Future” will be something that can be experienced and understood even before the start of the exhibition!

Our strength: 

Contributing a wide range of targeted specialist topics to the discussion. With smartly formulated and dynamically presented specialist topics we achieve not only an extremely wide reach without scatter losses but also the best interaction effects that new kinds of evaluation opportunities offer to increase company profits. Our activities deliver measurable benefits!

What’s special: 

Multiplication of new contacts. We are in a position to identify and address innovators and decision-makers, in other words your guarantors of growth, throughout the cultural and creative sector in a targeted manner via multichannel communication. In this way, interested parties can become fans of innovative, pioneering products and solutions.

  • From 11 sub-markets we have selected the top areas for all drupa exhibitors that have the greatest need for innovation and that impact the entire economy. In Germany alone that is over a million specialists in almost 250,000 firms that achieved annual turnover of 146 billion Euros and gross added value of over 65 billion Euros in 2014.
  • In particular these are the design sector, the advertising market, software/games and the architecture market and art sector. We have analysed soundly-based long-term studies in detail called for by the German Federal Government, which can be applied to all industrial countries in order to communicate technological innovations in a comprehensible manner and to suit markets and target groups.


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Range of services (selection for an immediate launch opportunity)

Power modules that can be booked immediately and which have already been validated with top firms. Guaranteed 15,000 contacts with a wide reach of up to over 1 million! You will find details of evaluations and case studies and much more in the ValueBlog (ISSN 2364-7639).

1. ValueBlog Dialogue (German and English) — Fixed price: 3,750 Euros plus VAT
Exclusive interview with top-level contact in your company
(Managing Directors, R&D, Sales, Marketing), via Skype or telephone.

Interview with Heidelberg Chairman Harald Weimer
Interview with Oliver Zünd, Zünd Systemtechnik AG, Switzerland

Services: Interview based on a list of questions transmitted during the interview preparation and also editing plus publication via ValueBlog and ValueSocialMedia platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, XING, Twitter, Google+) and ValueCommunities inc. DDF DigitaldruckForum. The ValueTeam incorporates editorially important links to the relevant information from your firm that is already available and more detailed.

2. ValueBlog story German and English) — Fixed price: 4,800 Euros plus VAT
From an expert point of view we comment on, evaluate and position up to three selected case studies and customer portraits provided to us by you and which we validate via brief interviews with your customers.

Services: Texts/editing plus publication via ValueBlog/ValueSocialMedia platforms
(LinkedIn, Facebook, XING, Twitter, Google+) and ValueCommunities.   

3. ValueRealTime stories (German and English) — Prices: From 1,500 Euros plus VAT
Based on consultation and a project timetable, we assign a team under the direction of Andreas Weber on a daily basis that, for instance, posts your pre-drupa press/customer events and/or those at drupa 2016 on selected exhibition days in real time in the mix in German and English in drupa Media Week in February 2016.

Canon Expo Paris, October 2015
Heidelberg pre-drupa press conference, December 2015

Services: real time posts (text/photos/videos) plus publication via ValueBlog and ValueSocialMedia platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, XING, Twitter, Google+) and ValueCommunities. The main posts are summarised in a Storify. This service is limited.

The standard terms and conditions of Value Communication AG, Walpodenstr. 1, D-55116 Mainz apply. The right to make changes reserved. Payment method: Without deduction upon order placement. In accordance with our range of Real Time Services the project concerned will be started as soon as payment is received. Later payment dates subject to a surcharge.



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