#drupamc: Print wins. And ValuePublishing as well.

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Great results via ValuePublishing as a #1 provider of real-time content and smart storytelling!

By Andreas Weber

The hashtag #drupamc worked very well to publicize in real-time all those good news from drupa 2016 media week which happened in Düsseldorf from 29 February to 2 March 2016. AD Communications, Messe Düsseldorf and all those motivated exhibitors enabled with their presentations a great experience for all of us from the trade press around the globe.

It is that easy today if you know how it works: If you have good news convert it in brillant messages and deliver it on a multimedia-driven professional level and you are able to attract a huge audience in real-time. Around the globe!


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We are so proud to announce amazing ValuePublishing results to celebrate Print and all those value adding services which were presented during #drupamc. In total, we covered >40% of all the shared content using the hashtag #drupamc, because many others liked our smart storytelling messaging and shared it immediately.

Some key facts and analytics:

Results of our ValuePublishing Social Media activities for #drupamc 2016 via @ValueCommAG + @zeitenwende007 and our ValueSocialPlatform accounts

  • #1 in Real-Time Gross Reach (>750k via Twitter, Storify, ValueBlog, LinkedIn, Facebook, XING and Google+ from Feb, 29th to March, 3rd)
  • #1 in Interaction (>100k, 67 countries involved)
  • #1 in Smart Storytelling (>300 Posts with text messages, posts and >50 short Videos)
  • #1 in Google’s Search Ranking (so far) for #drupamc
  • #1 in Content Quality via expert comments, Video Selfies, fun actions 🙂 which got re-tweeted by vendors, agencies, publishers, colleagues and new contacts.

—Date: March 4th, 2016

Notes. Source for Twitter stats: Hashtrack. Source for Value Stats in total via the analytics tools provided by WordPress, Facebook, Xing, LinkedIn. — Less than 10% of the #drupamc attendees were able to tweet (properly); vendors like Xerox created a huge reach with their corporate PR messages, but on a very low interaction level. All of them shared ValuePublishing content as well. So we covered in total >40% of the shared content.


Amazing to watch that almost a hundred twitter users added us to their specific #lists on Twitter because of our smart combination of hashtags, like #print + #Iot + #Cloud + #Multichannel + #BigData. At least it was possible to reach a new audience as well which is highly relevant for drupa to touch the future. Those Twitter experts would never react to a single hashtag #print or even to #drupamc.

Outlook: Our ValuePublishing approach, based on the motto “Innovative technologies and solutions must also be communicated in a consistently innovative way“, works perfectly. We can’t wait to continue further on before, during and after drupa 2016 to bring Print forward! Get in touch with us to become part of it!


Please check our #drupamc report as well.


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