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Bringing Intelligence to Everything – But Without Renewing Your Analogue Approaches?

By Şükran Ceren Salalı, Value Communication Fellow


Printability and Graphic Communications Institute has prepared a presentation which highlights various important facts about printing and its relation with marketing. The presentation is interesting and effective as well as it is well structured as a whole. However, there are several aspects that are mispresented.

The presentation is very well structured:

• It begins with a catchy sentence and an outline with key factors such as global context, the critical role of ICT, the “digital Darwinism” of the printed applications and evolving needs, responsive solutions.

• In the global context, subjects such as globalization, food and drug safety, increasing population, individualization and aging population are mentioned in order to present societal changes. Also, the data of consumer tendency, products and consumption are included in this part which is useful.

• Under the title of the critical role of ICT, three major facts; multi-device access, cloud computing and social network, are touched upon in relation with the fact that business approaches are changing with the high level use of mobile internet and social networks.

• When it comes to the digital Darwinism of the printed applications, the evaluation of consumer behavior is visualized starting from Gutenberg’s invention of mechanical movable type setting and also foreseeing the future, 2020s. I think the expression and the content is satisfactory.

• Lastly, in the part of evolving needs, responsive solutions, adoption of printing technologies by customer and by manufacturer are explained in a detailed way step by step.


Our Take: Yeah! BUT good is not good enough!

It seems like Bois and Canet did a good job by preparing an effective and explanatory presentation. The thing is, in the end, they recommend that print should fulfill the needs of marketers to push advertising campaigns. In the age of digital transformation, it is a big mistake to limit advertising and marketing based only on printing like we already know it. There are many platforms and social networks to work on in order to advertise a product or a system by drawing attentions. The age of the so called „digital transformation“ needs better rethinking over analogue approaches in order to satisfy consumer needs in a best way.



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