‘Art of Print!’: It is all about Innovation (driven by high level artists)

Digital Gutenberg after Thorwaldsen Memorial in Mainz

© 2015 by Andreas Weber. Digital Gutenberg after the Thorwaldsen Memorial in Mainz/Germany.

Good to know. Some technical insights to understand the innovation power of this art exhibition project!

What is the mutual influence of art and print, could already proved by Prof. Wilhelm Weber as a leading expert in artistic printmaking in the second half of the 20th century. A look at the present, however, shows that the times in which still give rise to artists through print new forms of art, are almost over. This should not and must not remain so, said Andreas Weber, son of Prof. Wilhelm Weber in the summer of 2014, together with the artist Dr. Ying Lin-Sill, and Prof. Yu Hiu, Deputy Director The National Palace Museum, Beijing. They were one of the initiators of a unique worldwide project. The name of their idea: ‘Surprise. The Art of Print’.

The main idea of the project

‘Artists provide the highest quality and most effective content for print. And print provides the best effects and ways to put artists and their art in scene’, stated Andreas Weber. Now the project is concrete. An art exhibition will start in China later this year showcasing extraordinary artistic prints from the past. And a brand new collection of art work created by a group of Chinese Artists specially for the latest Ink-Jet printing technologies (HP DesignJet 500 and HP Latex 360 by HP Graphic Solution Business).

‘Last year we started an unique art book project. Via Elanders Germany we printed hundreds of high quality art books on HP Indigo 10000. Because offset printing is not good enough anymore,’ said Andreas Weber. ‘The orders came in online by our Social Media platforms and an online shop which is integrated in our Facebook page. HP GSB was so amazed by the quality and the whole workflow we set up that they use those samples for the recent Dscoop Open in Dublin and for their HP Experience Centres around the globe.’

Stage 2 and a new project to begin

Now there is the second step and a new project will start: ‘Surprise. The Art of Print!’ – developed in Mainz/Germany, the City of Johannes Gutenberg. HP GSB’s worldwide marketing director, Francois Martin, agreed immediately to the fact that HP GSB will become the exclusive technology partner. The target is to benchmark the latest HP DesignJet and HP Latex technologies with the traditional printing technologies used by traditional artists like gravure, woodcut, linocut and lithography (invented by Alois Senefelder around the year 1800).

All this is driven by an innovative approach to unify the amazing possibilities of HP’s printing technologies and the talent of leading artists from China who have to learn more about the new dimension of printing via Ink-Jet technologies. ‘This approach is far beyond getting data from photographers or designers to get printed in a proper way,’ Andreas Weber explained.

The resumé by Andreas Weber, ‘At least, we selected China as the best place to start this exhibition because China is the homeland of paper and printing: they invented it. There is a certain trend in China, as in other parts of the world, where younger artists are switching to tablets in order to create art work. We plan to help show how, via digital ink-jet printing technologies, their virtual art can be brought back to a tangible state.’

Important: Fundraising!
Please could you consider supporting the project, which is a Non-Profit initiative? You can learn more facts and about online funding via this link: igg.me/at/theartofprint/x/1112597



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