It is about YOU. And all of us: Surprise. The Art of Print!


Beyond Graphic Arts: We showcase how Print becomes Art. And vice versa. Artists are real Innovators.

By Andreas Weber, Mainz/Frankfurt am Main, Germany

I am Andreas. I work as a communications analyst and adviser. The idea of this project is more or less the result of decades of my work and all those great learnings I made. Most important for me: I want to showcase in an extraordinary art exhibition how Print becomes Art and vice versa. Beyond Graphic Arts. All those amazing artists and their art pieces I selected are highly innovative.

To make this happen, I need your support and help.

And I promise: Our supporters will be our heroes. It is all about the beauty and innovation power of The Art of Print.


Output Magazine did a nice report on the project.

Mike Hilton in Graphic Repro Online as well.

Please read and share as well!



Based in Mainz/Germany, the City of Johannes Gutenberg as the Man of the Millennium we have learned, that the real innovation in our life and culture is driven by those artists who are able to adopt new technologies to create and visualize the best content. We will have a mix out of the work of amazing German artists and a group of Chinese artists.

The funding is necessary to realize the exhibition concept, to present the exhibition pieces in a smart way, to frame them, to ship them to our unique exhibition locations in China, the home land of paper and print. And to publish about it via Social Media, videos and ebook applications.

Exclusively we will benefit from the famous art collection and world class knowledge of Prof. Wilhelm Weberthe author of art books like “Saxa Loquuntur” and “Aloys Senefelder”.


Please sign in and contribute: Via Indiegogo!


Selection of the artists we will present:

HAP Grieshaber, Christian Kruck, Hermann Rapp, Dietmar Gross, Guido Ludes, Rudolf Scharpf, Eberhard Schlotter. And a group of famous Chinese artist selected by Dr. Ying Lin-Sill, Mainz/Beijing.

Special thanks to Dr. Ying Lin-Sill for being our project partner and co-organizer.

NOTE: There is zero risk. The partnerships in China are already fixed and highly motivated. The exhibition art work is already available. The basic concept was shared with some genius experts in science, museums, art galleries, media. And for sure leading artists got involved as well. All of them loved it.


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