ValueTalk! — Singer and painter Nanette Scriba on the value of communication

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 By Şükran Ceren Salalı and Andreas Weber


“What is the real value of communication?”

Nanette Scriba is one of the most amazing and impressive artists in Germany. Born in Mainz/Germany, she is a well known and an admired singer and painter. Her point of view on communication contributes in a perfect way to our collection of statements answering the question: “What is the real value of communication?”.


Listen and learn. And enjoy. Watch the Video
(statements in english and german!):




About the Value Art+Com project


The value of Mainz as a centre for the culture of communication.

Great statements and interviews collected by Şükran Ceren Salalı, Value Art&Communication Fellow from Istanbul.

About a dozen creatives and “normals” deliver great statements. It’s all about: What is the real value of communication?

Who we are:

As a global research & publishing company Value Communication AG was founded in 2007 by its CEO Andreas Weber based in Mainz/Germany, the hometown of Johannes Gutenberg.

The Aim of Our Project:

Our Value Art & Com ( i.e. Communication) project came up as an idea after Sükran Ceren Salali who came to Mainz from Istanbul as an Erasmus intern in Value Communication AG, inspired by the rich cultural and artistic environment of the city of Mainz and decided to experience it in order to find out the interaction between the rich culture of the city of Johannes Gutenberg and the real value of communication. The project includes photographs and movies taken with a different perspective in various points of Mainz, interviews with people from different countries and professions who live in Mainz and also ValueCheck! surveys as a valuable resource to experience the effectiveness of communication.

Why You Should Participate:

In the age of digital transformation, the importance of communication reached its high levels and also transformed into various platforms and tools. In order to become more successful in the market, businesses should adapt their strategies based on this new face of communication process. Moreover, the satisfaction of customers become more and more as the center of business process. For this reason, Value Communication AG guides companies on track of achieving the effectiveness of communication and acquiring right strategies so as to satisfy their customers and having more profits.

After participating our project and as an option applying our ValueCheck! approach, companies have the chance to see on which areas they have deficiencies and how they can strengthen their business processes via having the support of Germany´s leading business communication analyst and innovation expert, Andreas Weber.

The Interview Project:

Ten years ago from now, Andreas Weber and Guido Ludes prepared the book „Mainz — Stadtlandschaften 2″ including various artworks of Ludes, texts related with Mainz and short comments by people from different professions from the owner of a bakery to the minister-president of Mainz. — BTW: It happened exactly in the same year, 2004, when Marc Zuckerberg founded Facebook!

Even though it was a great resource and a stylish book, so many things are changed in Mainz last 10 years, as is with many other phases of life. Therefore, we think that it would be very useful to repeat a similar project with new candidates and a new content.

The interview project includes a question: What is the real value of communication?

We have already interviewed around 30 people; almost half of them from business experts of the Rheinland-Pfalz region, most of the with an international background. Finally we talked already to the governor of Rheinland-Pfalz region, Ministerpräsidentin Malu Dreyer.


More Information:

via @ValueCommAG


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