My take: How to experience the Value of Communication

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© 2014 by Şükran Ceren Salalı, Value Communication Fellow


By Şükran Ceren Salalı


A revolution at the corner! At the time Johannes Gutenberg invented mechanical movable type setting, he made a “Printing Revolution” and until then there was nothing like that for hundreds of years. In the following generations, the printing technology has been developed by different minds and innovative perspectives. In other words, changing times come with a change of business approaches. It is the time to leave old techniques of communication with the disruptive innovative approach provided by Value Communication.

Value Communication AG — based in the hometown of Johannes Gutenberg — combines advisory, publishing and community management through working with and learning from the best and brightest minds in the industry in order to increase the effectiveness of communication. The motto is “connect innovation to profit” which becomes possible via renting a brain and organizing Project and Community Work.

The brain of Value Communication, Andreas Weber, is a CEO and founder of Value Communication has inspired more than 115,000 professionals in 32 countries by his innovative ideas and valuable approach as a professional.

Value communication focuses on combining content and messaging throughout presentations, medialization and interaction. B2B approach is offered by Value Communication so as to enable relatedness on track of having various market opportunities and achieving the requirements of the art of communication. According to the valuable data, Value Communication and its founder realized more than 500 projects and keep in touch with 5000+ community members around the globe via LinkedIn, XING, Facebook, WeChat, Weibo, Google Plus.

My advice: Be Ready for the Communication Revolution!

Because “Something Old Became Something New!”



About the Author

Şükran Ceren Salalı is a young cosmopolitan communication talent from Istanbul, Turkey. She joined Value Communication AG in June 2014 to experience the Value of Communication and to catch up Gutenberg’s innovation spirit in Mainz/Germany.



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