Paradigm Shift: Convert the VIRTUAL to REALITY

Value Task.001

@ 2014 by Andreas Weber, Value Communication AG, Mainz/Germany



Our Disruptive Value Task:

“Bust the Silos: Convert the VIRTUAL to REALITY”


After many years of investigation plus thinking it becomes more and more clear that we have to bust the silos. The Googlization of our lifestyle and the way we do business never leads to digitize everything. At least we are human beings — organic, natural and alive! But nevertheless we live in a digital world. Social Media and all our Social Activities will never be able to create relatedness. It enables connections. That’s it!


Our Nightmare:
When Entrepreneurs, Managers, Politicians, Consultants and so called Gurus talk about the digitization of everything. This is annoying and stupid.


Our provocative POV:
Kill stupidity in business driven by executives who still use their analog thinking in a digital world. Who don’t accept that needs (of others) are the measure of all things! Who are not able to reduce complexity. Who are not able to fight honestly for a better world!


Our message according to all activities based on our disruptive Value Task:
Just do it the smart way. Unify Social & Human-to-Human. Convert the virtual into reality.
Never digitize anything which provides much more effectiveness through its analog existence!



If you like our Manifesto:

Check out our Value Check Audit!




Value Communication — About us 2014.001

@ 2014 by Andreas Weber, Value Communication AG, Mainz/Germany.


Additional White Paper available via Blog Post

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