“Sternstunde”: Jeff Jacobson’s extraordinary Mission Statement

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By Şükran Ceren Salalı, Value Communication Fellow


Good news! Jeff Jacobson became the new President of Technology Business for Xerox. For sure, he is one of the best in the whole market place!” —Andreas Weber, ValueCEO


Jeff Jacobson
is a talented and dynamic professional with his excellent knowledge on the graphic communications sector, leadership and passion. He has worked for many important business groups and companies such as RCA Global Communications, Kodak Polychrome Graphics and Presstek. Jacobson joined Xerox in 2012, and after working two years as a corporate vice president, he is appointed the new President of Technology Business for Xerox in 2014 following Armando Zagalo de Lima, who is retired after 31 years at Xerox.

Recently, Jacobson distributed a letter to employees, partners and friends of the Technology Business in July, 2014, in which we can see how hardworking, passionate and principled his working attitude is. The way he approaches to sustained profitability for longer term is remarkable as he thinks not only achieving a big success in a specific year, but also being cost-efficient and investing in research and development to keep that success is important. Jacobson’s passion about technology business makes him quite successful as a president who has already caught the H2H approach by working for the Graphic Communications group.


Our Take: Think Different! Keep Human!

Jacobson believes that quality comes with treating each customer as it is the most important one which I have found very impressive as we are in the age of the customer. His enthusiasm to understand market needs and to structure technological developments is strengthened by his words: If We Don’t Take Care of the Customer, Somebody Else Will. It seems like he values communication and innovation rather a lot. His genuine and transparent understanding of customer relations involves providing customers to experience all of the benefits of doing business with Xerox. What he experienced from the struggles he had at the period of his career in the past are creating bold goals, doing teamwork and working hard which all demonstrate how innovative he is for finding essential solutions.

It is apparent that Xerox will be progressing more and more in following months with its new and determined president of Technology Business.

Congratulations, Jeff Jacobson! 



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