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By Şükran Ceren Salalı, Value Communication Fellow


At a Glance: About Elanders

Elanders AB as a global company offers three product areas such as supply chain, print&packaging and e-commerce. Acting as a strategic partner to its customers, Elanders has business strategies in order to fulfill and support customer needs. According to its concept on business, Elanders has five strategies. One of those is that Elanders develops local customers with global needs into global customers. Also, optimizing uses its own capacity for global production and delivery capacity. In order to become more efficient, Elanders creates uniform and automated process in the Group. Elanders pays attention to future needs by the way of developing products for future needs that are useful in our current business.


Elanders Success Formula:
Acquisition + Transformation = Growth

Elanders AB became very successful in 2011 thanks to their focus on the cost aspects. They developed their production facilities to use markets in several countries such as Poland and Hungary for low-cost production in order to have products for the German and Swedish market. By this way, Elanders provided high production level with an excellent manufacturing quality. Nowadays, customers do not care about where the product is produced, however; they care about cost efficiency of suppliers. Having regard to this, Elanders followed right strategic approaches that provided them to have profitable growth. Later on, Elanders went for personalized print services, the packaging market and a fast growing consumer business which took them to collaborative works with d|o|m and fotokasten (fully integrated by acquisition). Following this, they had the chance to perform web-to-business and e-commerce solutions.

Depending on the interview with Elanders AB’s CEO Magnus Nilsson in 2012, his responses showed that Elanders gives importance on communication and customer satisfaction. They care about what customers expect such as quality, reliability, enhanced services and a good knowledge beyond printing. Also, they use their Twitter accounts properly and frequently for their business. And last bout not least Elanders AB reached a milestone in its history because they acquired a leading supply-chain service provider in Asia at the beginning of the year 2014.


Outlook: Practice What You Preach!

What makes Elanders a unique company and successful international Printing group is their foreseeing strategic approach on changing digitization and web-to-business solutions. The important question is: are they still in a good mood and very optimistic about the future in 2014 as they used to be in 2012?


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