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By Şükran Ceren Salalı, Value Communication Fellow


“Design Can Get You Up The Hill But Not To The Top”

PARC is a Xerox company which provides custom R&D services, technology, expertise and intellectual property to various global companies, startups, and government agencies. Pioneering many technology platforms in cutting-edge technology and enabling the creation of many industries, PARC creates new business opportunities, increases internal capabilities, quickens time to market and decreases risk for clients.

Manufacturing is affected by digital technologies that enables lowers cost and lower volumes for various products. For that reason, there are several shifts in how products are developed, made and transmitted to retailers and consumers. Accordingly, the new arising system includes social design and social funding. PARC aims to create more broaden and unified visual design and produces hardware, software, and process technologies. Not only technological provision, but also innovative approaches are executed by PARC specialists so as to build public-private partnerships.

Recently, what The Twitter account of PARC (PARC, a Xerox co.) tweeted a quite interesting post:

“Design can get you up the hill but not to the top – pivots come when teams start reacting to user input #PARCForum @IITDesign @jnd1er”

Our Take:
In the future it is more about Interaction & H2H and less about Designers…

The core meaning of the tweet is design matters, nevertheless; it is not solely enough to become very successful. Besides design, key enablers of PARC include other systems such as intelligent manufacturing, model-based reasoning, integrated planning and control, and printed electronics. Moreover, without effective human-to-human interaction and innovative approaches to satisfy customer, a superior design only leads to empty promises, or let’s say “all fur coat and no knickers”!

Note: What a pity. They offered a video live stream during the event on July 1st, 2014. But not afterwards. And we didn’t found al lot of Tweets about it on Twitter. So even the innovators at PARC could improve in valuable communications!


Valeu Check PARC Design Technology Event July 1st, 2014.002




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