#HID23: Where is the beef?

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Flashback: #HID19 — Alphorn concert organized by Stefan Hunkeler outside the trade show halls at the main entrance of Messe Luzern

By Andreas Weber, Head of Value

#Lucerne #HID23: Where is the beef? — Unfortunately, I was not able to participate this time. So I’m wondering, after observing from the outside via LinkedIn, what could actually be outstanding about the Hunkeler AG Innovation Days 2023. There are very relatively few entries under the hashtag #HID23, most of them from Canon EMEA employees announcing improved products.

Overall, it is usually only referred to that the event took place and was great. It is also emphasized that the who’s who of the industry was there. But is it enough if the industry was just among itself again?

Where is the presentation of the benefits of new digital printing technologies for the customers of the print service providers and the users of print media? That is what is important in order to slow down further deterioration. Isn’t it?

If you compare what happened shortly before at the #MWC2023 Mobile World Congress Barcelona, you will understand what I mean: The focus is not on the exhibitors’ and organizers’ own message, but rather on what benefits come from innovation and have a lasting effect.

Last but not least: my post on LinkedIn created good feedback and insights I want to share with you.


MY POV as a conclusion

Anyone interested in detailed news from selected exhibitors should watch the INKISH videos by Morten B. Reitoft and his team. From my point of view the most important:

For print experts, the Hunkeler Innovation Days 2023 offered a perfect platform for comprehensive orientation and a solid position determination – i.e. not only for the purchase of new production equipment.

Without a doubt, Hunkeler AG as the initiator and organizer has once again achieved great things! And more than clearly compensated for what was missed by the ineffective virtual.drupa in spring 2021.

After the forced break caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, there was great joy to be able to meet again within the industry and great colleagues from around the world.

There were no breathtaking or unexpectedly surprising innovations, but numerous good improvements, especially in software solutions (workflow, automation, etc.).

There were (repeatedly) no effective messages for customers of printing companies and media professionals that focus on the benefits of technological innovations for strengthening print in the media mix.


HID23 Impressions 01

Impressions: Obility

HID23 Impressions 02

Impressions: Scodix


Feedback on my blog post via LinkedIn (March 7th, 2023)

An industry expert:

”I agree that the MobileWorldCongress does a great job in promoting a certain theme instead of products / vendors. I will share your feedback with the Ricoh team when we’ll do our event debrief next week.“

”… this year’s main topic of the #HID23 was ’next level automation’. I agree with you that most vendors mainly posted about their new products & solutions…“

A leading advisor & knowledge worker from LATAM:

”Good and constructive observation. This industry must look outside. The world is changing ver very fast. We are part of it but we must emphasize the solutions we offer.“

A leading & visionary print shop CEO based in NL:

”I was surprised by the quality of the Canon Inkjet sheet fed. Really good.  Besides that lovely talks about Ricoh Z75 and overall the positive atmosphere. People were happy to be in real contact after COVID.  Overall good. And you know I am not into high speed roll systems. But a good show where I learned a lot.“

More information by the organizers:



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