What kind of added value do technology innovations deliver?


Text by Andreas Weber, CEO of Value Communication AG, Mainz
Germany’s leading Business Communications Analyst and Innovation Expert
Illustration by Lidia Lukianova, SF Bay Area

Contact: Twitter @zeitenwende007
Actually, everything could be quite simple: Our modern technology Eldorado makes everything better, faster, more effective. That is the theory. However, the adaptation rate for innovative solutions in the market will tend to take off. Its because of the high pace of technology development that we tend to have lost our orientation. In the least, we are overwhelmed by news and details. It is time to re-think what we should do in the future!
1. Mainstream is not more mainstream
Decision-makers need luck to track down relevant information for their own purposes. “Why’s that? We communicate so well and are more active as never before! ” — Well, who uses Twitter extensively, for example, has so far not gained an overview about what is really important or mainstream. The German Social media expert Benedikt Koehler stated: “The news and information streams, which we read on Twitter, Facebook or Flipboard, makes the social mainstream invisible. We lose a sense of where the mainstream cultural currents flowing straight and which it has already incorporated. Are we radical? Are we ahead or middle? The timeline is silent on these issues.”
This phenomenon applies not only to social, political and cultural developments, but also to our professional status and responsibilities in marketing and business communication.
2. Traditional services stumble
Hardly any agency, marketing or communications professional is satisfied with the promise of its technology innovation or production service providers. Even a good pitch does not solve the problem that you may know, and certainly not what you do not know. It only follows what appears to be currently plausible. Drawback: Tops could convert too quickly into flops. See AOL, Second Life, MySpace and more recently Facebook. Modern marketing and communication services quickly stumble on the rapidly changing realities. For example, billions were invested worldwide a few years ago in Flash programming. But Flash is mega-out … Does this relate to the sustainability paradigm?
3. Smart and bold concepts are in short supply
The value of innovation is measured in the practice of what can be optimized as to the status quo. BUT: If something is optimized, it is indeed optimal. Optimal improvement does not automatically means to find the best way. It lacks a radical concept, smart and bold approaches to the ‘tabula rasa’ principle (a situation in which there are no fixed ideas about how something should develop). Get rid off the old customs. New thinking is only created by other types of forms of creativity and consistent decisions for relevant technology solutions.
4. Just do not consider: A blast from the past!
The role has reverse effect: a traditional printing company in southern Germany, which already had become a cross-media service provider, felt overwhelmed and re-positioned itself to become print specialists again. Credo: We know best how to make quality prints. A few months later, the print shop was broke and filed for bankruptcy. Note: Technology innovation is irreversible. The wheel can not be turned back.
5. Expectations cannot meet you, you have to wake them up! 
Steve Jobs hated the focus group approach. And he was right. How can you ask someone about something, he does not know or he cannot imagine? Why do we not start again, talking to interesting people about interesting topics — instead of always pandering to as many channels, what we can do just great and supposedly deliver? “Liquid service” is the magic word, driven by creative discourses that can awaken and meet the expectations!
6. Do we need new business models?
No! We need primarily a new business behaviour that makes it possible to confidently and creatively deal with technological innovations. We need new forms of cooperation between technology developers, brand owners and communication service providers (who create and produce media content). That means we need a new and efficient Eco-system for marketing and communications innovation that makes the value of technology innovations measurable (in a practical way).
7. Technology innovation to create value
Marketing alone cannot innovate a business. But technology innovated marketing — fundamentally can! The aims are to bring communication and transaction immediately together! Technology, by the way, describes the best approach to improve innovation through the skill to deal properly with knowledge.
And what is the added value?
Innovations allow the marketing community to convert prospects and customers into loyal fans — driven by relevant communication solutions.
For other relevant tips and ideas for innovative solutions, contact Andreas Weber.
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