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Value Communication AG was founded in 2007 by its CEO Andreas Weber, Germany’s leading business communication analyst and innovation expert.

Value Communication’s Performance Promise: 
Connect Innovation to Profit.

Value Communication’s Focus: 
Disruptive Innovation!

Value Communication’s Passion: 
“We sharpen Print’s Effectiveness for a Disruptive Communication Approach”



Value Communication AG perfects the art of communication in order to adapt perfectlycommunication requirements that are drastically changing in the age of social media. This includes an understanding of the significance and benefit of technological innovations and to be able to utilize them individually.

Value Communication AG analyses and evaluates the communication skill of all types of companies and non-profit organizations. Based on these insights, Value Communication AG develops up-to-date and future-oriented communication architectures, helps to identify and implement suitableinnovation solutions, makes the effectiveness of communication measurable and optimizes consistently the communication processes.

Our extensive competence and experience in nearly every industrial sector enables our customers to excel in their internal and external communication in order to achieve an outstanding effect.


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The performance promise of Value Communication AG:

“Connect Innovation to Profit!”

Customers of Value Communication AG are able to increase the degree of interaction and effectiveness of all communication activities relevant for the success of the company significantly and sustainably.


Unique position, organization and business model

Value Communication – the name is program: We practice what we preach! Result orientation, empathy and cordialness are key factors for the effectiveness of communication and the efficiency of communication processes.

The unique position of Value Communication AG is the result of its extremely lean organization, its high degree of interconnectivity and the company’s location: The unique office space in Mainz, the city of Gutenberg, which is rich in tradition, has become a focal point. Based on highest values, the culture of communication becomes comprehensible – during work, at meetings or during special events. Thousands of visitors from all over the world have to this day experienced it and valued it.

Value Communication was established as privately owned Stock Corporation. It is designed for growth and acts successfully nationally and internationally. We support both German companies operating an international business and international companies with the desire to expand theirmarket success in Germany. The focus is on analyses & recommendations for go-to-market-activities in countries of the European Union, North America, Brazil, and China.

Value Communication AG provides support in all areas of communication and it has developedinnovative tools and methods, which are available to the customers for a fee.


Value Communication — About us 2014.004


The added-value of Value Communication AG is strictly aimed at the increase in customer benefits:

  • “Advice” based on the daily rate and project business
  • “Knowledge” through the exclusive offer of the Value Academy on Innovation & Transformation (can be utilized through individual booking and company quota)
  • “Connectivity” through Value Community platforms and activities, which can be booked through sponsoring and partnership agreements



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Finally: We love interaction. On a personal level as well!


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