Needs are the measure of all things

Think about it. “Something old became something new. #socialmedia #digital #digitalage #gutenberg


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VALUE MODEL “Value-driven Transformation of Needs“.


Note: The post is also available in German language, see



Why you should read this post:

  1. Recognize: “Something old became something new!”.
  2. Find your individual way to deal with value and the sense of purpose.
  3. Don’t be afraid of innovation in the digital age!


Gutenberg Era vs. Social Media Era: The communications market is infected by confusion


If media continues to be important and digital literacy is relevant in the production and distribution of media products, then a mistake must be corrected in the communications market. Technologies collide, digital is facing off against analog. Apple fights against Google, Microsoft, Nokia and others to be the best, dominant technology supplier., the leading German retailer wants to win customers over Amazon. Print and online communications compete for attention. Consider that digitally printed “print” media and digital online technologies used have…

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  1. Jacob said:

    Enlightening and insightful. I am biased in my desire to always make the point on the role of print in our new world where everything is digital and immediate. Andreas is giving us a deep, insightful, philosophical, and holistic view on the role of print n a world that was fundamentally changed already due to everything digital. Thank You, Andreas.

  2. Fraser Church said:

    Hi Andreas

    How is life and business?

    Would be great to catch-up again sometime. Having wasted the last 4 years on acquisitions, rebranding (3 times!) and consolidating, I am back to my old remit of driving innovation. It would be good to discuss your thoughts on the new world that is emerging if we ever get the chance to hook-up.

    Are you over for Ipex. If so perhaps we could grab a beerJ


    • Frazer, TX for your comment. Life is good. I will not come to IPEX this year. But we will stay in touch.

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