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Great work. Great tweets. Great results. And a lot of fun beyond technology by LOVRA’s amazing chill-out sessions. Last but not least: Many THANKS to the Xerox Social Media team members Stefan, Bill, Jenna.

#drupa2016 Review: Print wins! If…

Dear friends of drupa!

Please read and share our unique series of #drupa2016 reports. We are proud to enable a real multimedia and multichannel experience. And we are happy to interact with a huge global audience covering 120+ countries.

Kick-off: splendid #drupa2016

Our ValuePUBLISHING TRILOGY — a quite critical, selective analysis looking back at the splendid #drupa2016 (in german language)

Topics Outline Overview:
• Part 1 – Proof of concept: Does the printing community communicates properly?
• Part 2 – Crucial: Reduce to the max — don’t get lost in details!
• Part 3 – The crux of the matter: #unleashprint 


Back to the future: Some fun

#drupa2050 — TX to Benny: Touch the future again and again…
#drupa2050 — Danke, Benny! Touch the future again and again…

Enjoy ValuePUBLISHING’s #Storify stories the most valuable way to catch up all major topics of #drupa2016 in a smart multimedia format. Convenient to navigate, wonderful to explore and easy to share. Our guideline: Less is more — so reduce to the max!


Note: We are proud of the fact that around the globe hundreds of thousands of unique viewers follow us already and interact with our content — shared via Twitter (@ValueCommAG plus @zeitenwende007), Facebook, LinkedIn, XING and Google+. — More than 70 % of our viewers are leading innovators dedicated to all kind of graphic communications applications. 



The secret of #drupa2016 in 20 sec. — Summary by Andreas Weber, Head of Value.




drupa2016 REVIEW — ValuePublishing Storify:
All about the role of print in the communications mix

drupa2016 — ValuePublishing Storify:
Pre-drupa media conference March 2016





drupa2016 — ValuePublishing Storify:
Ready for #unleashprint? YES WE CAN(on)

drupa2016 — ValuePublishing Storify:
Heideldruck back to profitable growth

drupa2016 — ValuePublishing Storify:
Heideldruck Press Conference Feb 2016

drupa2016 — ValuePublishing Storify:
PitneyBowes reinvented mail (live at drupa may/June 2016)

drupa2016 – ValuePublishing Storify:
Objectif Lune put business communications to the next level

drupa2016 — ValuePublishing Storify:
Automated Digital Cutting made by Zünd Systemtechnik


Das Geheimnis der #drupa2016 in 23 Sekunden — Von Andreas Weber, Head of Value.


In addition for extended reading check out our focused trend reports via ValueBlog posts by Andreas Weber

Note: Almost all Blog posts are available in english and german.


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As well you can find a whole series of ValueDialog stories:

ValueDialog — Christian Kopocz: “Multichannel ensures relevance!”

To get access to more ValueDialog stories use our Blog search tool.


Value Publishing About @drupa2016.001


ValueCheck Analysis: Communication, Art and Culture.010

© 2014 by Value Communication AG, Mainz/Germany


NOTE: ValueCheck! delivers recently the most comprehensive and effective way to update your business management&communication knowledge. Our Focus: Identify relevant topics to be discussed, put them into the right context and be able to create your own opinion and expertise.


Why its worth reading this Blog post:

• Summary of the most relevant ValueCheck! Blog post
• Train your Brain on-the-fly
• Get a very useful access to update your knowledge via ValueLinks and ValueTips


+++ ValueCheck! — What is the Value of Value Communication AG?

We deliver a unique method and way by answering two main questions:

  1. How to “Connect Innovation to Profit”!
  2. How to unify “Communication, Art and Culture”!
  3. We call it “ValueCheck!” and cover three areas: Analysis, Audits, Coachings.

Startings point is always a written ValueCheck! Blog post to define the Status quo!

ValueCheck Audits orientates businesses to generate profit and to enjoy outcomes of disruptive innovation and communication.



+++ ValueCheck! — The Secrets of the Age of Digital Transformation

In other words, human side of business transformation should be taken more into consideration as the age of digital transformation puts consumer in the center. This is why Value Communication keeps focusing on using digital technologies based on H2H and a disruptive approach to understand the relationship between technologies and consumer behavior.

ValueCheck! emphasizes the relationship between H2H aspects and the use of digital technologies while analyzing consumer behavior and the company’s approach.



+++ ValueCheck! — ’Rent a Brain’ is the perfect way to succeed in Social Biz

What we at Value Communication aim by „ValueCheck!“ is to help business people to become far more successful in their sectors. By answering the questions of „ValueCheck! Audits“, a company can become aware of its abilities and inadequacies in a more detailed way. The important thing is we treat our customers as (best) friends.

Our ValueCheck! method equals to friendly attitude towards our customers and a detailed way to guide them to see their capabilities.



+++ ValueCheck! — Connect Innovation to Profit!

The performance promise: “connect innovation to profit”. Your benefits:

  • ValueCheck! is something like a fitness check-up to be prepared for The Age of the Customer.
  • ValueCheck! delivers orientation how to optimize all dimensions of your internal and external business communication success.
  • ValueCheck! guides you through the digital world to accelerate your profitable growth.



+++ ValueCheck! — Train Your Brain!

We proudly present: World’s first Train Your Brain Fitness Check-up to be ready for profitable growth in “The Age of the Customer”!
We are happy and proud to share some thoughts. Based in Johannes Gutenberg‘s hometown, Mainz/Germany, we are dedicated to the rich culture of Art = Innovation = Communication = Human-to-Human!

Value Communication analyses and supports approaches of customers to H2H aspects and then finds the best method to guide them on track of becoming a successful and profit-making companies.



+++ ValueCheck! — Disruptive Task: “Bust the Silos — Convert the VIRTUAL to REALITY”

But nevertheless we live in a digital world. Social Media and all our Social Activities will never be able to create relatedness. It enables connections. That’s it! — Kill stupidity in business driven by executives who still use their analog thinking in a digital world.

Our message according to all activities based on our disruptive Value Task:
Just do it the smart way. Unify Social & Human-to-Human. ValueCheck! has a disruptive approach that combines advisory, publishing and community.



+++ ValueCheck! — The disruptive “Value Eco-System”

The strategic analysis is done via ValueCheck! and ValueProfile, which supplies the design of a new communication architecture as a result.

ValueCheck! strategizes a new approach to innovative communication techniques for companies in order to guide them to have more benefits from the market.



+++ ValueCheck! — Philosophy and Principles of Value Communication

The effectiveness of communication and the efficiency of communication processes are developed with innovative tools and methods by Value Communication such as Value Academy and ValueCheck!.

ValueCheck! is one of the important tools and methods in Value Communication’s principles and philosophy. Via ValueCheck, the development of effective communication processes is very easy.



+++ ValueCheck! — Disruptive and/or Destructive Innovation?

Disruptive innovation is not a threat as it would be perceived by the university management of Harvard Business School based on last debates about whether entering to the business of online education or not. What makes innovation disruptive is the way it makes a product, a service or an idea remarkable with an unusual approach to renew our consumption patterns and lifestyles.

Since ValueCheck! contains a disruptive strategy, it checks H2H and B2B aspects with an unusual way to renew the company strategies.



+++ ValueCheck! — ’Rent a Brain’ is the perfect way to succeed in Social Biz

Very successful business owners, emphasize the effectiveness of having help from a mentor or a colleague in order to accomplish their goals.

ValueCheck! acts as a mentor for companies in order to achieve their goals and change their company strategies into more innovative communication techniques.



+++ ValueCheck! — How Social Media leads to Social Business

It is apparent that those B2B service companies require important innovation and transformation in order to satisfy the expectations of their potential customers. Therefore, the importance of „ValueCheck! Audits“are apparent as a solution to check the weaknesses of businesses in Social Selling and Social Businesses. „ValueCheck!“ questions include many related topics so as to strengthen the strategies of companies.

Even many successful companies fail to satisfy customers. ValueCheck Audits provides better perspective to see what is missing on track of keeping good connections with the market and customers.



+++ ValueCheck! — HBS: The Professor’s Innovation Dilemma

Our Take: You can’t do value education without disruptive Value Innovation.

I think, in the age of digital transformation, education needs to get some disruptive innovation as well. Maybe, we can call it “digital education”. Digital Education allows many applicants around the world to benefit from online education platforms via several tools such as iPhone, iPad and other portable instruments. Considering all of these, I am pretty surprised that how as one of the top ranked and most successful universities, Harvard Business School, has a dilemma about entering online education.

ValueCheck! follows the latest trends in order to guide companies in the best way so as to adapt itself and its customers to the age of digital transformation.



+++ ValueCheck! — Beyond Design: Technology enables H2H interaction

In the future it is more about Interaction & H2H and less about Designers…

The core meaning of the tweet is design matters, nevertheless; it is not solely enough to become very successful. Besides design, key enablers of PARC include other systems such as intelligent manufacturing, model-based reasoning, integrated planning and control, and printed electronics. Moreover, without effective human-to-human interaction and innovative approaches to satisfy customer, a superior design only leads to empty promises, or let’s say “all fur coat and no knickers”!

ValueCheck! emphasizes human-to-human interaction and innovative approaches that guide companies for a better strategy to adapt in future technologies and the market system.



+++ ValueCheck! — Print in the Digital Age!

In the age of digital transformation, it is a big mistake to limit advertising and marketing based only on printing like we already know it. There are many platforms and social networks to work on in order to advertise a product or a system by drawing attentions. The age of the so called „digital transformation“ needs better rethinking over analogue approaches in order to satisfy consumer needs in a best way.

ValueCheck! also focuses on the importance of social networks and various platforms in order to catch the spirit of the age of digital transformation and distribute it to companies as applicants of ValueCheck! Audits.










































ValueCheck! Best Biz Advice ever 2014.001

© 2014 by Value Communication AG, Mainz/Germany


Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. Most successful business owners will tell you they could not have accomplished their goals without help–from a mentor, colleague, even mom and dad. – Matt Villano


By Şükran Ceren Salalı, Value Communication Fellow


Matt Villano created a great and precise blog post under the name of The Best Business Advice You’ll Ever Get and highlighted several comments from various business people. In The Age of Customer, I think, the point Villano wants to draw attention is the importance of Human-to-Human aspects in having healthy business relations and being successful.

Each professional stated the importance of teamwork and advice on track of being a successful business people. For instance, Sheila Johnson, founder and CEO, Salamander Hotels & Resorts, stated that working with a great team is noteworthy. Likewise, most of them, very successful business owners, emphasize the effectiveness of having help from a mentor or a colleague in order to accomplish their goals.


Our Take: Analyze & Re-Think what you have to do to do it best!

What we at Value Communication aim by „ValueCheck!“ is to help business people to become far more successful in their sectors. By answering the questions of „ValueCheck! Audits“, a company can become aware of its abilities and inadequacies in a more detailed way. The important thing is we treat our customers as (best) friends. We provide a smart and fast check-up to our customers by answering two questions: How to “Connect Innovation to Profit” and How to unify “Communication, Art and Culture” by covering three areas such as Analysis, Audits, Coachings.

Check it out!




You want to get in touch for further insights? — Just send us an email!

Or contact us via Facebook!



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© 2014 by Value Communication AG, Mainz/Germany


Value Task.001

© 2014 by Value Communication AG, Mainz/Germany

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© 2014 by Value Communication AG, Mainz/Germany


 ValueCheck Audits: Fast-track your communication success


Kommunikation ist (k)eine Kunst.

Es klingt fast profan, ist es letztlich aber doch nicht: Kommunikation setzt Dinge in Bewegung. Und werthaltige Kommunikation stellt den nachhaltigen profitablen Geschäftsverlauf sicher. In unserem Marketing-getriebenen Digital-Zeitalter sind neue Marketing-Kommunikationskonzepte, -maßnahmen und -wege gefragt, die Innovationen in den Fokus stellen. Doch leicht gerät die Suche nach Innovation zur  “Jagd nach dem Goldenen Kalb”. Zu viele “Buzz Words” und dubioses Experten-Kauderwelsch schaffen eher Verwirrung als Ordnung.

Abhilfe tut not.


Die zentrale Frage lautet:
Wie kann man die Kommunikationsfähigkeit eines Unternehmens bewerten? 

Die Analyse und Bewertung der Kommunikationsfähigkeit einer Unternehmung ist für ein erfolgreiches Marketing eine Grundvoraussetzung, um profitable Geschäfte und prosperierendes Wachstum zu ermöglichen. Bislang erfolgt dies in der Praxis aber nicht. Getestet und analysiert wird vielmehr, welche Kommunikationsmaßnahmen bei Image-/Markenaufbau und -pflege sowie bei verkaufs- und absatzfördernden Kampagnen welche Effekte bringen. Für jeden Kommunikationskanal gibt es eigene, spezifisch ausgelegte Auswertungskriterien.

Wir wissen zudem durch aktuelle Forschungsergebnisse, dass Sonderwerbeformen, ›Special Effects‹ oder Crossmedia-Kampagnen in der sog. ›werblichen Kommunikation‹ stets mehr bringen, aber auch stets mehr kosten [vgl. u. a. Dr. Peter Haller, GfK: ›Building Best Brands‹, München 2009]. Die Frage nach der bestmöglichen Wirkung spezifischer Kommunikationsmaßnahmen beantwortet aber noch nicht die nach der Qualität der Kommunikationsfähigkeit eines Unternehmens. Hier sind ganz andere Faktoren und Einflussgrößen zu bewerten, die weit über das Spektrum der klassischen Werbewirkungsforschung oder von ›Media-Audits‹ hinausführen.


Werthaltigkeit mit System

Die Werthaltigkeit der Kommunikation muss durch systematische Erforschung, kontinuierliche qualitative Überwachung und die zentrale Steuerung der Geschäftskommunikation erfolgen. Innerhalb unserer Value-Communication-Methodik erfolgt dies durch ein ›Value Check Audit‹.

Hier wird zunächst per ›ValueCheck‹ ein Fragenkatalog abgearbeitet, der acht zentrale Themenbereiche umfasst, die jeweils mit Detail-Fragen unterfüttert werden und deren Beantwortung im ›Ja-Nein-Keine-Angaben‹-Rhythmus abgearbeitet werden. Die Ergebnisse werden im ›Value Score Index‹ dargestellt. Die Befragung wird vom Value-Auditor mit Unternehmensentscheidern innerhalb von 45 bis 90 Minuten durchgeführt. Die Auswertung ergibt schlüssige, konkrete Anhaltspunkte für die Verbesserungs- und Innovationsmöglichkeiten der Organisation und Strukturen, der Kommunikationsarchitektur, der Kommunikationsprozesse, der Kommunikationskanäle und -mittel. 


Value System Implementation

© 2014 by Value Communication AG, Mainz/Germany


Weiterer Schritt: Vom Audit zum Benchmark

In Value Profile-Workshops können die Ergebnisse vorgestellt, diskutiert und in Handlungsempfehlungen inklusive einer Roadmap umgesetzt werden. Auf dieser Basis ist eine ganzheitliche Bewertung der Kommunikationsfähigkeit möglich; regelmäßige Updates erlauben, Verbesserungen vorzunehmen.

Zweckdienlich ist es, die ValueCheck Audits auf Branchen und Wirtschaftsbereiche auszudehnen, um über Benchmark-Vergleiche die eigenen Fähigkeiten kritisch prüfen und optimieren zu können. Über ValueCheck und ValueProfile erfolgt die strategische Analyse, die im Ergebnis das Design einer neuen Kommunikationsarchitektur liefert. Die Performanz der Kommunikationsarchitektur hängt von der Güte des Value Scoutings ab, dass heisst dem Aufspüren geeigneter, relevanter Kommunikationsinnovationen, die kontinuierlich auf Basis von Wissensvermittlung mit Best-Practice-Auswertungen in der Value Academy darstellbar sind. Das Aufspüren, die Auswahl und die Implementierung von Kommunikationsinnovationen muss als iterativer Prozess verstanden werden, der durch die Value Audits auf seine Wertigkeit und Wirkung überprüft und permanent optimiert werden kann.


Bei Interesse steht Andreas Weber für Fragen und Anregungen zur Verfügung.



Hier bitte klicken für weitere Informationen (in englischer Sprache)!




Unser einzigartiges Value Academy-Programm bietet passende Wissenmodule, die in die Methodik der Value Audits inkl. Value Check einführen und ad hoc erste Ergebnisse liefern. 


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