#ThinkPaper Conversation: Print is not a common thing anymore! But it’s still relevant!

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#Think!Paper — Edition 3, Vol. 6

Interview by Andreas Weber, Head of Value


Hamilton Costa from São Paulo, Brazil, is not only an internationally renowned consultant and entrepreneur in the graphic communication market. He is an outstanding analyst and good friend. For many years we meet around the globe to talk about business and life and the pleasures in general. It is always a great honor and very insightful to talk to him and listen to him.


What is the beauty of print in the digital age?

Hamilton Costa: It’s to keep going relevant. Ten years ago, the mantra was the digital would take over everything, specially printing.

Now when we see the digital properly working, we can better compare it to analogical things. In the case of print there are comparative advantages like relevance: what is relevant, we print; longevity: we can still touch Gutenberg’s bible and maybe cannot find a file from two days ago; sensibility: touch, smell and visual impact. Among other things.


Everything in the Mobile Age is so fast. Why is the adaption of digital printing technology innovations so slow?

Hamilton Costa: Mainly because many marketers and creatives today have not experienced printing as they have done with digital applications. Print is not a common thing to them. When they realize what print can do in a communication loop, they adopt it and get better results, better ROI.

On the other hand, for many PSPs [Print Service Providers] the use of variable data and personalization is also not a common thing yet. They have to adapt themselves in getting the best from digital printing technology. It is an education process. It takes time. Unfortunately.


What are the key drivers for a powerful & successful print service biz today and what will it be in the future?

Hamilton Costa: First, to develop what I call advanced services. This means to offer services that substitute client’s business processes and save time and money to them. Like logistics, creation, design, digital platforms to marketing applications or make the access to printing customized and easier.

Second, the printing today and even more in the future is and will be part of many industrial processes. Additionally, the printing is every time more environmentally friendly. With this, there are and there will be dozens of opportunities for those with focus in helping and making printing affordable to customers that will require it.


ABGT Congresso 2017

Great experience: At the suggestion of Hamilton Coasta, in São Paulo — the global hotspot for transformation — Andreas Weber (heft) was able to get to know eminent and dedicated print professionals at the ABGT Congresso 2017 as a keynote speaker.


Hamilton Terni Costa is a senior consultant, author and professor. In his 40+ years career he managed national and international printing companies and experienced many printing market segments. He also managed industry associations. He is principal at AN Consulting in Brazil and Latin America director at Association for Print Technologies in USA.

Frequent speaker in many industry seminars he loves to motivate and challenge audiences in searching news ways to develop their own business.

Hamilton is one the founding partner of the #Think!Paper initiative.



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