Breaking News: Liz Mohn wants to upgrade print and raves about CIMPRESS

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By Andreas Weber, Head of Value | German Version


In Gütersloh/Germany and Venlo/NL currently the communication wires running hot. It suggests in the run-up to the #OPS2019 a bang. Liz Mohn, the quiet and noble regent of the Bertelsmann Group, is unhappy that the print activities grouped together in the Bertelsmann Printing Group are not getting off the ground. It is indeed “Europe’s largest printing group”, but measured by global players rather a dwarf. In addition to the book publishing business, print is part of the DNA of the family, the foundation and the group.

Now Liz Mohn has become aware of CIMPRESS through her specialists from the Bertelsmann Investments unit. Bernd from Essen always writes so beautifully in his beyond-blog about CIMPRESS and its CEO / founder Robert Keane, even right now, where it is in trouble. Robert does not only look good, but also has an outstanding talent, as Liz Mohn mentioned according to well informed circles.

Robert is also in a similar situation as herself: great passion for print, but little growth; only that he has to accept in addition that his successful company has lost half of its market capitalization in the last 12 months.

She regrets that, but has also realized that CIMPRESS can be a real bargain by share. She wants to pick up on Robert’s idea for #Coopetition and therefore has three alternatives:

  1. She takes over the majority of CIMPRESS.
  2. Your print division will be merged with CIMPRESS.
  3. She adopts the smart Robert and makes him in perspective to the head of the foundation.

An exciting scenario, right? — A decision is expected today, April 1, 2019.


PS: This Story is completely invented as April Fool’s joke. And therefore it could be quite real.

PPS: Everything about perspectives on CIMPRESS and online printing can be read in my current analysis: “Beyond #ops2019”. – No joke!


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