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The real Value of Communication

Totally agreed. It is all about the future, driven by an innovative task to re-engeneer what we do in business and in our lives. In that sense disruption (or disruptive) is dedicated to the way we think and not to the way we act and operate! — Interesting to see that in the famous documentation “Steve Jobs – Disruptive Innovation Documentary – One Last thing” Steve never used the term “disruptive” or “disruption” to describe his activities and tasks. — Andreas Weber, CEO of Value Communication AG, Mainz/Germany

PS: I invented a program called “Train Your Brain”. It is based on my disruptive thinking and ideas how to identify the real value of communication. A group of my young international team members created a slide show and video. If you like please check it pout: Value Art+Com: How the Real Value of Communication works — via Hermeneutik – Dialektik – Innovatik —

Frank Diana's Blog

I’m struggling with the term disruption and its effectiveness in driving urgency. Most definitions describe a radical change in an industry or business strategy, and most involve the introduction of a new product or service that creates a new market. My struggle is not with this decades old view of disruption, but its application in the context of our exponential world. The word disruption is viewed through a traditional lens. I end up in debates about the validity of a disruptive scenario as viewed through this lens, versus the massive implications of these future scenarios viewed through an exponential lens. The ensuing dialog focuses on:

  • Coming up with disruptive innovation before our competitors do
  • Embracing protectionist behavior to block a disruptor
  • I’m not worried, regulatory hurdles in my industry block the impact of disruptors
  • I’m safe, my industry is very stable

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