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#ThinkPaper Morten via INKISH.001


By Morten B. Reitoft, Editor/CEO INKISH, TV for- and about the printing industry, based in Roskilde, Zealand/Denmark

(The story was originally posted on LinkedIn, 5. March 2019)

#Think!Paper — Edition 2, Vol. 3 

Do you know the feeling of anti-climax? You have been busy for many days, maybe even been traveling, perhaps yet met a lot of people and, then you are back in your office, and things are quiet. Perhaps not more quiet than usual, but the contrast is what makes the anti-climax. This is how I am right now.

Last week I was at the Hunkeler Innovationdays #HID19 in Lucerne, Switzerland and it was actually one of the events I really anticipated to visit. Many friends, many business partners, potential business partners, and well – equipment that whatever you look at it as amazing. When you look at the digital printers, they are pretty amazing. The quality, the speed, the size, the – well – everything is just amazing. However, the binding is actually to some extent more amazing. You feed a roll in one end, and you see finished applications coming out in the other end. Books, statements, magazines, you name it, and I can’t help thinking about the amazing world what we live in. Technology keeps bringing us new amazing options, but most people in the printing industry don’t even know. The requirements for the vendors must be quite stressful from time to time. How do you keep innovating and how do you keep bringing new technology to the market when even the last great invention hasn’t sold in quantity expected?

At Hunkeler Innovationdays I spoke to CEO Michel Hunkeler and he kind of said (listen for yourself when we publish the interview) that Inkjet printers didn’t sell as fast as anticipated. It’s not cheap to develop machines like that and to be profitable, volume to some extent is required, or the price will be too high. Partnerships are seen as never before. Today we see technology from one vendor build into technology from another vendor. Some even re-brand products to get a wider distribution and who knows maybe shared development- and marketing cost. Two fresh examples are Ricoh/FujiFilm/Heidelberg or what about Argos/Plockmatic and then Hunkeler who build the amazing equipment that interfaces with practically every major supplier of inline or nearline binding equipment.

Houston we have got a problem. We – as an industry – continues to focus on effectiveness, lower cost and unfortunately don’t focus a lot on how to grow our industry. I have said this numerous times, and of course, my voice is a beep in the bigger world – but friends we have to do something.


Events #HID19

#HID19 was a big success according to all those exhibitors. Indeed, it was very well organized and highly informative. 


Where does it start? It starts with having a focus on growth rather than price – maybe not so much from the vendor side, but your hard work making machines better, faster, and more efficient drive the price development in the wrong direction. Your customers need to learn how to focus on growth – not just from a company perspective but an industry perspective. Some marketing people don’t know what we are capable of. Some people believe that print is old-fashion. Some people don’t see the value in push media and printed communication. Some of your customers don’t even know the basic skills when it comes to selling applications and solutions on anything but price?

I think we as an industry should figure out what to do. 

Many people in the industry actually do something about this – but all are small voices in a big world, and you should support these people. If you can make the industry grow your customers will increase revenue and profit, and they will be able to invest in your equipment – it’s that simple!

A few mentions! Deborah Corn and her Project Peacock educate the designers and print buyers. Matthew Parker teaches printers to sell not on price. Pat McGrew educate the market with her Print Sample TV. TwoSides about the environmental issues – and many more people – not to forget mentioning INKISH of course. We all work to make the printing industry better, more profitable, growing and exciting in the future as well – but vendors should financially support the future of the industry – and if you don’t want to encourage any existing channels just for the sake of marketing – find your projects that can support the industry you are part of and invest. The ROI in my opinion is higher and the impact on everybody is considerable. I personally buy magazines for more than $100 a month, I buy books frequently – if we all buy more print applications we support our industry and why shouldn’t we?

And then – After the Hunkeler Innovationdays I checked out some of the vendor’s websites – my god. Take a look at your own site and tell yourself that it does a good job – if you think so, fine – if not – do something about it. INKISH is about storytelling but to see websites in 2019 that still only focus on products – not even tell stories from users or inspire potential customers – my goodness – you will have a difficult time communicating with the younger generations.

DO something about that as well!




There was immediately an interesting discussion on LinkedIn after Morton published his story. Here our selection via screenshot.


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Morten Photo

About Morten

Morten B. Reitoft is an experienced CEO with a passion for development of ideas and business. His statement: ”I am very creative and very hard working and one of my greatest strength is my ability to encourage people – whether these are customers, employees or business partners.”

Specialties: Creative, competitive, Great interest in both the detail and the overview, very good communication skills, inspiring, fast thinking, internationally oriented, great interest in people, business and processes.

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More about the #Think!Paper project can be found in the ValueBlog.



HP Love Planet Francois Hollande Paris

The French President François Hollande reading the Love Planet book manufactured by HP Indigo. Photo: HP Inc.


Graphic Repro On-line News Review to Friday 12 February 2016

Welcome to another week of news highlights which has seen only 30 news items and articles go online since last Monday, including one new addition to our FESPA Newsroom from Esko; plus six in our drupa Newsroom, as we add a new ‘drupa ante portas Blogs’ section from Andreas Weber. We also have the two most recent Laurel Brunner Verdigris environmental Blogs from both Monday and Friday, as Laurel gets back on track. We decided to also include the Monday Blog as our Monday News leader, to remind you of this valuable environmental section on our Website [since 2008], which can be accessed via the Index link at any time. All of Laurel’s Blogs and articles are still accessible in our archives.

Kay financial news leaders this week came from Langley Holdings [Manroland Sheetfed] on Tuesday, reporting that Manroland Sheetfed, the largest of the group’s divisions, was in positive territory for the fourth year in succession following increases in sales and orders; and then on Wednesday from Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, which has increased sales and recorded a net profit after taxes in its third financial quarter 2015/2016; and lastly from Sappi, also on Wednesday, which has seen its first quarter profits triple on significantly stronger performance. Wonderful news considering the seriously negative news surrounding major markets and currencies this past week.

drupa 2016 newsroom Multichannel

Thursday saw EFI take the lead at the recent Cevisama 2016 in Valencia, where the manufacturer won the Spanish Society of Ceramics and Glass ‘Alfa de Oro’ award for machinery innovation. You’ll also find a report from Ricoh SA following new Ricoh research, which claims that junk mail is pushing European consumer loyalty to the limits, further citing that 84% of consumers will take action over irrelevant, non-personalised communications. It is a recurring topic which perhaps warrants debate, but we’ve heard it before and nothing much seems to have changed. Antalis took the lead on Friday, as it unveils a new information-packed Website to support customers in the packaging and logistics markets.

As for recent key sales and installations successes, you will several this week led by Durban-based CDR Repro, a printing and production company on Monday, which has doubled its digital printing output with a Xerox J75 press. Then we have Cestrian Imaging UK which has added two EFI Vutek HS Pro high-volume inkjet presses. Tuesday saw a third Muller Martini FlexLiner added at PVS in Austria, as the growing demand for inserts continues to increase. Also Mimaki in the UK for badge and promotional merchandise production at WCM&A.

On Wednesday, KBA reported that Ultimate Paper Box in North America is investing in a third large-format press, a Rapida 145, underscoring its commitment to excellence in fast-growing quality custom packaging; while Potts Print Printers in the UK has selected Fujifilm as its partner for future growth with two Acuity inkjet machines. On Friday, Heidelberg USA reported that the Linoprint CV digital press is providing new business opportunities for customers across the United States; while Heidelberg UK reported that growth in business in both litho and digital services spurred Linoprint CV and Suprasetter CTP investments at Spectrum Printing in Leicester. Last but not least, POLAR reports the installation of its 600th cutter in Russia at  APD printshop in Nizhniy Novgorod.

You’ll find new kit from Kodak on Thursday, as it adds new anti-counterfeiting Thermal Transfer Ribbon for its Kodak Traceless Anywhere protection system; and then from Flint Group on Friday as it equips its flexographic and letterpress platemaking systems with high intensity UV-A lamps of the latest generation.

A tailender from HP this week, as HP Indigo teamed up with Paris Match to deliver a unique Climate Change Initiative first book at the UN COP21 Conference. Please don’t miss the article on Tuesday, which also features President François Hollande of France, viewing the printed ‘Love Planet’ book at COP21 in opulent surroundings.

That’s it. There’s more for you to explore below if you scroll down carefully.

I’ll be back next week around the same time.

With my best regards,

Mike Hilton 


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Mon 08 Feb…   Environmental Laws: Laurel Brunner’s Verdigris Blog
For Monday 08 February still appears in our Verdigris environmental section. This introduction provides an added reminder and link…

Callas Software in the ECM Solutions Park at CeBIT

CeBIT 2016 14 to 18 March, 2016: Callas Software to focus on digital projects based on ISO PDF/A…

Sign & Digital UK 2016 to enhance visitor experience
New show features announced for April 2016 show at the NEC…

CDR Repro doubles digital output with Xerox
The Durban-based printing and production company has doubled its digital printing output with a Xerox J75 press…

Cestrian Imaging completes dual EFI Vutek purchase
Cestrian Imaging UK increases production levels with two EFI Vutek HS Pro high-volume inkjet presses…

Tue 09 Feb…   Langley Holdings publishes positive 2015 results
Manroland Sheetfed, the largest of the group’s divisions, was in positive territory for the fourth year in succession…

Top topic for 2016: Print in the communications mix
New series of ‘drupa ante portas’ discussions with leading multichannel experts. Introduction and the first four Blogs: by Andreas Weber…

First-ever planet-related photograph petition at COP21
HP Indigo teamed up with Paris Match to deliver a unique Climate Change Initiative first at the UN COP21 Conference…

Muller Martini FlexLiners meet growing demand for inserts

The Muller Martini FlexLiner is a heavy-duty machine for large insert volumes provides efficiency in the mailroom…

WCM&A adds new Mimaki UJF-7151 Plus
British badge and promotional merchandise manufacturer adds UK’s first Mimaki UJF-7151 Plus from distributor CMYUK…

Wed 10 Feb…   Heidelberg announces Third Quarter 2015/2016 results
Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG increases sales and records a net profit after taxes in its third financial quarter…

Sappi announces its First Quarter 2015/2016 results
First quarter profits triple on significantly stronger performance…

Esko to feature efficient workflow at FESPA 2016
End-to-end integration aids profitable production for sign, display and wide-format businesses…

Ultimate Paper Box invests in new KBA Rapida 145
Investment in a third large-format KBA press underscores commitment to excellence in fast-growing quality custom packaging…

Potts Print installs UK’s first Fujifilm Acuity F flatbed printer
Potts Print selects Fujifilm as its perfect partner for future growth and installs two Acuity inkjet machines…

Thu 11 Feb…   
EFI Cretaprint wins prestigious Alfa de Oro award
At Cevisama 2016 in Valencia, EFI won the Spanish Society of Ceramics and Glass ‘Alfa de Oro’ award for machinery innovation…

Junk mail pushes European consumer loyalty to breaking point

According to new Ricoh research, 84% of consumers will take action over irrelevant, non-personalised communications…

Kodak expands Traceless Brand Protection system
Kodak adds new anti-counterfeiting Thermal Transfer Ribbon for its Kodak Traceless Anywhere protection system…

Fri 12 Feb…   Antalis Packaging launches new customer-centric Website
Antalis has unveiled a new information-packed Website to support customers in the packaging and logistics markets…

Customers reaping cost-effective benefits of Linoprint

Linoprint CV from Heidelberg provides new business opportunities for customers across the United States…

600th POLAR cutter in Russia installed at APD

APD printshop in Nizhniy Novgorod has installed the 600th POLAR cutter in Russia – a N 137 AT HD model…

Spectrum Printing beefs up CTP and digital press capacity

Growth in business in both litho and digital services spurs Linoprint CV and Suprasetter CTP investments from Heidelberg UK…

Higher intensity Nyloflex and Nyloprint exposures

Flint Group Flexographic Products equips flexographic and letterpress platemaking with high intensity lamps…

Lead article from Friday in last week’s update…

Last Friday’s leads…   drupa cube: The Medici Group to spur out-of-the-box thinking
Best selling author Frans Johansson and other thought leaders to deliver keynotes in the cube during drupa 2016…

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Previous…   TCL Packaging adopts Water Washable Asahi Plates
TCL Packaging teams with Creation Reprographics and Asahi Photoproducts to deliver premium performance and to challenge gravure…

Online Features 2016 Jan/Feb  Chapter 03

EXCLUSIVE Report…   EFI Connect 2016: Welcome to the Future of Printing
At EFI Connect 2016, EFI revealed its clear and focused picture of the future of printing, and how the company plans to respond to market changes…

Major order for Heidelberg from Atta.45 in Sweden
Swedish print shop invests ?13 million: Biggest part is comprehensive product, service and consumables package….

Verdigris – Environmental Initiative

Laurel Brunner’s weekly Verdigris Blog 2016

Stepping Back to Step Forward
The weekly Verdigris blog by Laurel Brunner – Fri 12 Feb

Environmental Laws
The weekly Verdigris blog by Laurel Brunner – Mon 08 Feb

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drupa 2016 Expert Article Series
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LATEST…   Large Format and Wide Format inkjet printing
Touch the future. Drupa Expert Article No 7 by international independent consultant Sophie Matthews-Paul who has been involved at the start of wide-format developments following their evolution into the devices they are today…

drupa ante portas Blogs 2016

drupa ante portas – Top topic for 2016: Print in the communications mix!
This is a new series of extraordinary conversations with leading multichannel experts. We invite you to read the introduction and the first four discussions / blogs: By Andreas Weber

Highlight topic Multichannel: ‘Individual solutions are in demand’
This is the fifth in this new series of conversations with leading multichannel experts. We also invite you to read the introduction and the first four discussion blogs (above): By Andreas Weber

drupa 2016 News from Messe Düsseldorf

LATEST…   drupa cube: The Medici Group to spur out-of-the-box thinking
Best selling author Frans Johansson and other thought leaders to deliver keynotes in the cube during drupa 2016…

drupa cube: Die Medici Group ist Innovationspartner der drupa

Bestseller-Autor Frans Johannsson und zwei weitere Vordenker halten die Keynotes im cube während der drupa 2016…

Attractive offers for travel and accommodation
Use Print@home and free transport to drupa by bus and train. The online ticket shop opened on 2 January, 2016…

Passende Angebote für Anreise und Unterkunft

Print@home und kostenlos zur drupa mit Bus und Bahn. Online-Ticketshop geöffnet am 2. Januar 2016…

MUST READ…    2nd drupa Global Insights Report Executive Summary
Touch the future – Applications that can create growth. Printfuture (UK) and Wissler & Partner (Switzerland) were appointed by Messe Düsseldorf to conduct these two report series…

drupa 2016 News from Exhibitors
Latest additions can now be accessed in our Drupa Newsroom.

Last time…   Lake Image Systems at drupa 2016 in Hall 11
Lake to showcase a full range of variable data integrity and print quality inspection for packaging, labels and commercial print…

Xerox at drupa 2016 in Hall 8b
Helping print service providers transform and grow…

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FESPA Digital 2016 in Amsterdam

Esko to feature efficient workflow at FESPA 2016
End-to-end integration aids profitable production for sign, display and wide-format businesses…

Last time…    J-Teck3’s portfolio of five collections at FESPA
J-Teck3 to showcase its market-leading digital inks for textile and graphics applications at FESPA Digital…

Sawgrass will showcase full portfolio at FESPA Digital
Sawgrass to present award-winning Virtuoso 630mm 8-Colour HD Product Decorating System at FESPA Digital in Amsterdam in March,,,

Kiian to showcase wide variety of textiles at FESPA
Kiian Digital to present diverse applications achievable with its full sublimation range at FESPA Digital…

Mimaki set to inspire Digital Print Heroes at FESPA Digital 2016
The future of digital printing for signs & display graphics and textiles is available today…

European debut for Onyx 12 at FESPA Digital
Onyx Graphics driving ONYX Thrive software at FESPA Digital…

Fujifilm reveals more for FESPA Digital in March
Fujifilm the perfect business partner at FESPA Digital 2016…

FESPA Federation News 2016

Last week…   FESPA Awards gala dinner to showcase incredible talent
Book now for the glittering ceremony which will take place at Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam on Wednesday 9 March 2016…

FESPA Textile partner lineup revealed
8 – 11 March: The biggest textile event with the most comprehensive showcase of digital textile print technologies in Europe this year…

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