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Source: David Baldaro,

By Andreas Weber

Interesting. If you research current reports and blog posts on disruption/disruptive innovation and multi-channel innovation you will discover: both topics don’t relate.

David Baldaro recommends just to change your focus from ’how’ to ’why‘ to profit from Multi-channel marketing communications.  His key message: ”Value sells. Technology doesn’t“. 

”As a client, I really don’t care what technology you have. Yes you might have spent a small fortune on the latest printer or software but that is irrelevant to me. What’s relevant to me is what will it do for me for my bottom-line or my customers. In the same way we promote getting the right message to the right customer at the time, we need to do the same when promoting the technology.“, Baldaro stated.

Last year, McKinsey published an report on ’Remaking the industrial economy’ and presented ”A regenerative economic model—the circular economy“ which is starting to help companies to create more value while reducing their dependence on scarce resources.

Frank Diana continues the discussion. His main question: „Is any industry safe from disruption?“. His answer: No! Even a non-digital business is save anymore. Everything in business will be technology driven.


Source: Frank Diana

Beside other aspects, ’response generation‘ seems to be a key issue. BUT: Eather McKinsey nor Frank Diana talk about the impact of disruptive innovation of communications via multi-channel innovation.

Our take: Both parties, the marketing communications experts and the strategic consultants have to talk to each other. Relevant and effective multi-channel concepts are crucial for both of them. To get all insights you need please check our current report on #xug15eu, the 1st. Multi-Channel Innovation conference which took place in Berlin end of May 2015.

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By Şükran Ceren Salalı
Value Communication Fellow


If you are willing to decrease your market spending while raising your marketing benefits, there are plenty of approaches already present in the marketing sector. Unfortunately, not every approach as beneficial as it sounds.

But there is also something new to check out!

According to a recent McKinsey Survey („Using marketing analytics to drive superior growth“, published June 2014) one of the effective approaches is an integrated analytics approach which is proved to free up 15 to 20 percent of marketing spending of a company. Using analytical strategy, a company can make profits with right choice of analytical options. In order to benefit from it in a best way, a company can start with identifying the best analytical approaches, and then integrating capabilities to generate insights and making the analytical approach the main focus of the organization.

McKinsey’s conclusion: Marketers need to understand the language of business to become more successful in the market, and for that reason, they need to work with data researchers and analysts.

Our approach: What we do with ValueCheck! Audits is to organize such an analytical approach to optimize all dimensions of a company’s internal and external business communication success throughout a questionnaire. By that, companies can understand consumer’s buying behavior which helps them to see the measurement of their strategic return and economic value while seeing their deficiencies in using the effectiveness of communication. ValueCheck!, as a disruptive approach and analytical strategy, also helps to accelerate profitable growth by guiding the company through the digital world. Using analytical tools to support a company in the digital world is effective since the digital world is one of the very important platforms of marketing sector.

Lastly, ValueCheck! Score Index will be given after the answers are received by Value Communication AG. The index report provides you to see your deficiencies and then helps you to use analytics approach for your company’s benefit with above-market growth.


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