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By Andreas Weber


#DAMNED! I am so sorry! Now that everyone is turning their lives inside out, I have to go on as before!

Thats my poor life: Eat healthy—cook for yourself. No car (driving), but doing most of it on foot. Walk two hours a day to get fresh air. Take care of my family, especially the sick. Pay attention to hygiene. Buy food carefully and take care of everything in the household. No more useless fun trips (anymore). No shopping madness. Work at home (also calmly and with reason).

Phew. It doesn’t end well …





#VERDAMMT! Es tut mir so leid! Jetzt, da alle ihr Leben umkrempeln, muss sich so weiter machen wie bisher!

Gesund ernähren—selbst kochen. Kein Auto(fahren), sondern das Meiste zu Fuss erledigen. Zwei Stunden am Tag an der frischen Luft spazieren gehen. Mich um meine Familie kümmern, gerade auch die Kranken. Auf Hygiene achten. Achtsam Lebensmittel einkaufen und umsichtig für alles ins Haushalt sorgen. Keine unnützen Spaß-Reisen (mehr). Keine Kaufrausch-Attacken. Zuhause arbeiten (auch noch in Ruhe und mit Verstand).

Puh. Es nimmt keine gutes Ende…





Inkish Instant Trailer.001


By Andreas Weber


Most of us are happy, that #drupa2020 seams to be rescued. By postponing to April 2021. But thats still one year ahead.

So how could business work in the meantime? 

Morten B. Reithoft, founder, CEO and Editor of INKISH.TV got a brillant idea! He created INKISH.INSTANT as a basis for a new way to succeed via state-of-the-art communication. Online + Social Media!


INKISH.INSTANT — A new offer by Morten B. Reitoft

Morten explanis: ”INKISH.INSTANT is a new service from INKISH enabling users to use film/video animations in your communication.

Regardless of travel bans, or just a need to get your communication to work instantly —this service will make it happen.

The Smartphones most of us have today are great. With your filming and our editing, we deliver a seamless great storytelling experience. We call it INKISH.INSTANT.”

To access INKISH.INSTANT is easy, convenient and effective. There is a freemium option to get startet. And there are some more cool options to benefit from a local and global network. 

Sounds good? Yes. It’s amazing!

INKISH.INSTANT — The trailer







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Langebjergvænget 8A
DK-4000 Roskilde
Tel: +45 60143036

Henrik Klem Lassen
+45 22 24 87 43

Morten B. Reitoft
+45 60 14 30 36

Apartment No 2 A
Dew Drop Homes
Peroorkada Post
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
South India
Postal code : 695 005
Tel: +91 9526821301

K.S. Ashik

Stratego Group
CD Milano Oltre – Palazzo Tintoretto
Via Cassanese 224
20090 Segrate (MI)
Tel: +39 02 49534500

Enrico Barboglio

Valentina Carnevali

Grafkom Nordic network AB
Centralvägen 11 D
194 76 Upplands Väsby

Ulf Sunnberg
+46 70-043 74 57

Anders Medbo
+46 70-6453271











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