Great Insights: “Something Old will become Something New!“

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© 2014 by Value Communication AG, Mainz/Germany


This Blog post hits the point. It was created by Şükran Ceren Salalı. who just arrived from Istanbul early in June 2014. Şükran experienced Mainz as a Capital of value’s communication, based on the spirit of Johannes Gutenberg. So Şükran became on-the-fly a motivated and engaged Value Communication Fellow.



Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing.“

Rollo May


Value Communication AG, as a company that is located in an over 2000-year-old city with a rich cultural history and art, has a philosophy as “you cannot know what you do not know”. In other words, our brains are not tools or containers, but these are interfaces to a smart life. Therefore, Value Communication provides you to rent a brain so as to train your brain! Let us to accompany you on the way of knowing what you do not know (yet).

Our Principles based on our Value’s philosophy:

  1. Value Communication strategizes a disruptive approach in order to kill ongoing analogue thinking in the daily life.
  2. The performance promise of Value Communication is connecting innovation to profit.
  3. Value Communication supports the interaction based on the unification of Social & Human-to-Human.
  4. Value Communication guides companies on track of increasing their customer benefits with advice, knowledge and connectivity.
  5. The effectiveness of communication and the efficiency of communication processes are developed with innovative tools and methods by Value Communication such as Value Academy and ValueCheck.
  6. Relatedness is important! Therefore, Value Communication aims to extend its connections both nationally and internationally, and guides others to do it as well.
  7. Our approach is enlightened by rich art and culture of the environment we live in which is connected with innovation and communication.


Like it is in the city of Mainz/Germany, we do not let bygones be bygones, however; we let the old and the new to merge and complementing each other. 

Communication is the key for successful businesses, healthy relationships and business partnerships and profitable growth. That’s why we value communication!


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© 2014 by Value Communication AG, Mainz/Germany (Illustration: Lidia Lukianova, SF Bay Area)


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