”Marketing is surfing on social trends”

”Six reasons Digital Print belongs in your media mix” — Great insights. Great Interview. TX to Francois Martin.


HP Francois Martin

Photo: HP, 2013 

Great conversation about Marketing Innovation, current trend and Digital Print with
François Martin, WW Marketing Director Graphic Solution Business at Hewlett-Packard.

Interview by Andreas Weber

Why you should read this blog post:

• HP’s Francois Martin explains in an excellent way how to benefit from graphic solution technologies to do a better, sustainable marketing job — hitting the ”Zeitgeist“ perfectly. 
• His main target is to transform the product and solutions offerings of HP GSB into a valuable, customer centric and effective marketing communication success for his own purpose and for his customers and the customers of his customers. 
• He shows how to make the right step from technology innovation to market success by bringing Brand Owners/Agencies and Print Service Provides closer together and fulfilling their needs smartly. 
• His core messages related to ”Six reasons Digital Print belongs in your media mix”:

It cuts through email…

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