What kind of added value do technology innovations deliver?

Why you should read this blog post?

You will understand why someting old became something new!


Text by Andreas Weber, CEO of Value Communication AG, Mainz
Germany’s leading Business Communications Analyst and Innovation Expert
Illustration by Lidia Wey

Contact: Twitter @zeitenwende007
Actually, everything could be quite simple: Our modern technology Eldorado makes everything better, faster, more effective. That is the theory. However, the adaptation rate for innovative solutions in the market will tend to take off. Its because of the high pace of technology development that we tend to have lost our orientation. In the least, we are overwhelmed by news and details. It is time to re-think what we should do in the future!
1. Mainstream is not more mainstream
Decision-makers need luck to track down relevant information for their own purposes. “Why’s that? We communicate so well and are more active as never before! ” — Well, who uses Twitter extensively, for example, has so far not gained an overview about what is…

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