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“What happens if Harvard Business School will get “Off-Line”? — Somebody else will do it!”
—Andreas Weber, Founder ValueAcademy


Critical Thoughts by Şükran Ceren Salalı, Value Communication Fellow


As I have already mentioned in my previous blog post, people debate a lot about whether disruptive innovation has benefits as much as it is told or not. Not only companies, but also different institutions voice their opinion about these new “disruptive” and “destructive” techniques of innovation. One of the questions raised by these voices is whether Harvard Business School enters the business of online education or not? If yes, how should they do that?

There are many different answers and approaches from university administrators and professors. Even the NYT reported about it. Some of them supported the idea to open online education platforms, while others hesitate to lose benefits and popularity. For instance, as you can follow it from the text, Prof. Porter supports the idea itself to some extent but highlights the importance of keeping the existing strategy of school whereas Prof. Christensen sees already existing online education system not as a “disruptive innovation” but as a “sustaining innovation”.  The reason for that, probably, once they enter the online education sector, they will have more students but then they should decrease costs. In other terms, as one of the best and most prosperous universities, they may lose their profits.


Our Take: You can’t do value education without disruptive Value Innovation

I think, in the age of digital transformation, education needs to get some disruptive innovation as well. Maybe, we can call it “digital education”. Digital Education allows many applicants around the world to benefit from online education platforms via several tools such as iPhone, iPad and other portable instruments. Considering all of these, I am pretty surprised that how as one of the top ranked and most successful universities, Harvard Business School, has a dilemma about entering online education.

In my opinion, education must be available for everyone and it should also be in suitable prices. If they value education, they should be open to disruptive innovations as well as many students and applicants.




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ValueChecking the Thoughts on Disruptive Innovation

By Şükran Ceren Salalı, Value Communication Fellow


Nowadays, it seems like many people are debating about disruptive innovation and its effects on the market. Some say disruptive innovation is very useful, while others say it is not the best solution for future marketing benefits.

Does Disruption needs destruction?

The author of a short text that is named as A Few Thoughts On Disruption, Innovation, Reuven Cohen, supports the idea that disruptive innovation is a technique that is destroying the market in order to provide new opportunities and values. To some extent, this approach is true. For instance, in a vast scale, people stopped to use Nokia and Blackberry after Apple’s iPhone is produced. Also, many people prefer to use WhatsApp other than sending SMS.

Cohen interprets these innovative changes as destructive and he states that it is a modern management tool between businesses. He advises that we do not need disruptive innovation techniques, however; we need to question the needs of a particular market in different ways than before.


Our Take: Think different! Disruptive innovation is not a threat!

Even though Cohen highlights several important facts about disruptive innovation, it is not useless as long as it is well structured to set up human-to-human interactions in reciprocal and profitable ways. For instance, disruptive innovation is not a threat as it would be perceived by the university management of Harvard Business School based on last debates about whether entering to the business of online education or not. What makes innovation disruptive is the way it makes a product, a service or an idea remarkable with an unusual approach to renew our consumption patterns and lifestyles.



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