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We updated our current Blog post and added some amazing videos (short and sweet) on “How to use the value of communication” — via Dialektik, Innovatik and Hermeneutik.

Pls. read, watch and share! You’ll loving it! — And we added the download link to our latest iBook. It is amazing and well (free download! via iTunes).


Value Art+Com How it works Hermeneutik Dialektik Innovatik iMac.001 © 2014 by Value Communication AG, Mainz/Germany

Hermeneutics — the hidden success driver

By Şükran Ceren Salalı, Value Art+Communication Fellow

ValueLearning — the real value of communication is not only a process:

• Hermeneutics is the methodology that provides the way of mastering in art of interpretation to create context.

• When it comes to Dialectic as a more creative discourse then language, tonality, mimics and gestures play an important role. 

• „Innovatik” as systemic innovation management approach makes a big sense.

Learning the real value of communication is not only a process which one can experience communication itself by interacting with people and the environment, but also a process of acquiring the main philosophy including dimensions and essentials of valuable communication. For the first time, a spreadsheet is prepared to showcase these dimensions and essentials by Value Communication AG in Mainz. In order to become an effective communicator, one…

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