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By Marina Poropat Joyce, Designer, Print Activist and Author of Designing for Print

This is an article I wrote for Printing Impressions a while ago and rather than rewriting it, I think it is still apropos in its entirety. If you are a designer or a printer, you can use this to reach out to your customer/vendor and start a dialog that will improve your work and your project.

Note: Listen to the latest #printerverse podcast as well, listening to Deborah Corn’s conversation with Marina Poropat Joyce!

10 Things Printers can Teach Designers

Designers are visual people and the best way to teach a visual person is to show them. Graphic designers are also curious people who generally like to see how things work. We all walk around with our cameras all day, lauding their efficiency for email, Slack, twitter and more. But it is the instant transmission of images and videos that make showing easy-as-pie.

Here are 10 ways you can use your smartphone to reach out to your designer clients, add value to your company website and make life easier for yourself. (Sales managers, appoint one person to collect this kind of knowledge and disseminate to the whole sales team.)

1. Coated vs. Uncoated. Sit down with a designer and have two paper swatch books in front of you and explain coated paper versus uncoated paper. You will have saved yourself countless hours of “it looks like postcard paper” descriptions, and the like.

2. Bleeds. Take a video of your guillotine cutter in action, preferably a job with a bleed. Zoom in on the crop marks, text it to your designer client. (Put it on your website too!)

3. Grain. Look in your sample room for something with a nice black solid. Pull two samples. Fold one sample with the grain. Fold the other sample against the grain. Put them side-by-side folds-up and photograph with your phone. Open the image and crop to relevant image area and mark as a favorite in your phone for quick retrieval.

4. Waste=Cost. Show your client an illustration of paper waste for various page sizes. Here are some examples you can use: (Put it on your website too!)


5. Quantity matters. Walk into your pressroom and film a sheet-fed press at the delivery end while it is running for 30 seconds. Confirm run speed with pressman. Text video to the client explaining that’s how long it takes for (insert quantity here) brochures/posters, etc. to run through the press and why they should opt for digital printing on this short run. (At 15,000 iph 30 seconds is 125 sheets, 8-up that’s 1000 pieces!)

6. Printing is green. Calculate how many pounds of trim, corrugated and electronics you recycle each year (if your trim is picked up and weighed by a recycler they have this info). Next time your vendor picks up a container run out to the parking lot and take a pic. Put the photo on your website with an infographic of the tonnage you recycle annually. Explain that the trim and corrugated goes into future recycled paper products.

7. Ink can change color. Show your client this photo. Explain that the ink formulas with a high percentage of opaque white (basically all pastels) will shift within a year (swatch on left was two years old, on right 6 months, when photographed). Share that pastel colors are great for a short-lived item like an invitation not so great for an identity system.



8. Paper makes a difference. Next time you’ve got an attractive job with photos that’s going to run on white paper, order some extra sheets of ivory, canary and grey uncoated paper. Add those colored sheets to the job and photograph the same detail area of all four colors. Make a montage (easy with the Layout app for iPhone). Send this montage to a client who is wondering about running a job on colored stock and put it on your website too.

9. How to read a swatch book. Oh boy, if I had a penny for every time a customer found the “perfect paper” in a swatch book and placed an order specifying that sheet only to find out there wasn’t enough, or it wasn’t stocking or that the chosen color had been discontinued… This is a great topic to discuss at a quick lunch with a new customer. Text her an image showing how to look up the date of a swatch book. Then bring her some lunch and a few swatch books and show her how to “read” it.

10. Art takes time. Text your idea of a rudimentary schedule to your client as a pdf graphic they can print out and pin to their idea wall. Next time they are working with a client to develop a timeline they won’t guess and it saves them and you a call/email.




I know that some will think that answering questions and fielding problems bring value to a client, and they do. But do they bring value to a business owner? If staff is reacting/interacting at the 100-foot level, how are they going to interact at the 30,000 foot level with intention? Focus on the little things with intention and planning and then the 30,000-foot questions aren’t as scary. What are your clients’ plans for next year? Are you discussing budgets internally? Are they planning on launching any new products or services within the next six months? These conversations are really easy when “what do I need a bleed for” is taken care of.


About The Author

Marina Poropat Joyce is a passionate paper geek who has been marketing, graphic designing, publishing and printing her whole life. She fell in love with design and printing early on, and founded one of the first design-to-print companies in Los Angeles. 

Her company INTAGLIO was ranked as one of the 50 fastest growing print companies in the country, a winner of Inc. Magazine’s Inner City 100 and one of Los Angeles’ top 100 women-owned companies.

She wrote Designing for Print to explain printing in graphic designer-speak after working with many frustrated designers who wanted to know more. Marina served on the board of the Printing Industries Association of Southern California (PIASC) as a board member and Chairman. Another joy she’s found other than seeing a design come to life in print was driving with her husband from London to Mongolia through 16 countries in a 9,600-mile rally.

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About the Book Designing for Print

“As a design, print production professional and College level instructor on print and print for designers, your book is a much-needed tool that transports legacy print into the new world of print, which I call mutant print!”    —Thaddeus B. Kubis, Print Advocate, Designer, Professor



Drinkable Book 2015

Graphic Repro On-line News Review from 30 August 2015 by Mike Hilton

Welcome to another roundup of news highlights and Laurel Brunner’s Verdigris Blog on Friday 28 August, which examines the Drinkable Book which uses silver nanoparticles to create an antimicrobial paper that is an effective water purifier. The Drinkable Book sets an innovative precedent for water purification technology. And it’s a great example of how books can keep evolving for all sorts of unexpected uses. We also have a new article in Online Features Chapter 02 from Xaar, detailing how innovative Martens Brouwerij in Belgium is inkjetting directly onto PET beer bottles to deliver ‘on-the-fly’ customisation, using Agfa LED-cured inks and Xaar 1002 Inkjet Printheads.

With the European holiday season in full swing there are only 20 news articles for you to browse through this week, but they do include a number of quite stunning recent orders and installations starting with KBA on Monday and the most highly-specified and productive straight B1 press in the UK; several from Heidelberg UK including two highly-specified orders for Speedmaster XL 75s including one with a coater, and also for an XL 75 Anicolor with coater in the United States – the company’s second Anicolor press; IFS with Horizon; Scodix and SPGPrints. On Thursday, Heidelberg and Masterwork announced a successful start to their partnership in Europe with several notable successes.

You’ll find pre-show announcements for KBA at World Publishing Expo in Hamburg; for Labelexpo in Brussels from Goss International and GMG; for Watkiss at The Print Show at the NEC in Birmingham;  for KBA at Graph Expo in Chicago; and for Mimaki at both Viscom Paris and C!Print in Madrid.

On Thursday, Agfa led the headlines with its second quarter results with particularly encouraging news from Agfa Graphics, spurred by its inkjet successes during the first half of this year.

There are new software releases this week from Onyx Graphics and Enfocus. Recent new kit this week was highlighted by Ricoh, and on Friday, EFI announced its new scanning spectrophotometer to bring a high level of automation and integration to digital press colour management.

That’s all until next time.

My best regards,

Mike Hilton

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Headline News
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From Monday 24 August

Mon 24 August…    Simply Cartons adds first power-performance B1 Rapida
With more whistles and bells than a fairground ride, it’s the most highly-specified and productive straight B1 press in the UK…

Five Castles Press looks forward to new B2 XL 75
Continuing its policy of replacing presses every five years, Five Castles will take delivery of a five unit Speedmaster XL 75 next month…

New Horizon aids Expert Print’s fast quality service

Doncaster firm ‘invests in the best’ with IFS-supplied Horison SPF/FC200A stitch/fold/trim line…

GMG shows colour critical proofing at Labelexpo 2015

GMG to partner with Epson to show how its colour management solutions deliver accurate proofs for labels and packaging…

Tue 25 August…   Future-oriented solutions for printed newspapers at WPE
KBA-Digital & Web Solutions at the WAN-IFRA World Publishing Expo 2015 in Hamburg, Germany from 5 – 7 October…

Watkiss to showcase full product range at The Print Show
Watkiss will showcase a full product portfolio at the inaugural Print Show to take place at the NEC in October this year…

Onyx Graphics announces release of Onyx 12 software
Latest version offers speed plus performance, a simplified interface and advanced application tools to do more in less time…

Kenning Outsource to ‘Transcend the Senses’ with Scodix
Scodix Digital Enhancement Press investment enables Minnesota’s premium finishing services company to broaden its offerings…

Wed 26 August…  Goss International to exhibit at Labelexpo Europe
Goss reveals new packaging capabilities with partner technology at Labelexpo 2015 at Brussels Expo from 29 September – 2 October…

KBA solutions and new opportunities at Graph Expo 2015
The industry leader displays deep penetration and growing market share among ten different market segments…

Mimaki goes all out for Viscom Paris and C!Print Madrid

With textile and packaging solutions Mimaki’s versatile portfolio set to wow visitors with its broad range of capabilities…

Ricoh Pro C9100 fills a void for rapid turnaround
Ricoh Pro C9100 and C9110 usher in a new generation of high volume digital presses particularly suited to commercial printers…

Thu 27 August…   Agfa-Gevaert announces positive second quarter 2015
Agfa has announced its second quarter 2015 results, with its new wide- format inkjet products boosting Agfa Graphics’ performance…

World first ‘Direct Print by KHS’ with Xaar 1002 Printheads
Innovative Martens Brouwerij prints directly onto 12,000 PET beer bottles per hour to deliver ‘on-the-fly’ customisation…

Heidelberg and Masterwork: Successful start in Europe

The partnership between Heidelberg and Masterwork gets off to a successful start with first installations in Europe…

4 Color Press steps up to Speedmaster XL 75 Anicolor
‘Once you embrace the best technology, it’s impossible to settle for anything less’ say 4CP’s owners, as they add second Anicolor…

Fri 28 August…   EFI announces automated Scanning Spectrophotometer
New scanning spectrophotometer brings high level of automation and integration to digital press colour management…

Enfocus releases Switch 13
Going with the flow just got easier with future proofed edition of Enfocus’ business automation solution with even more tools…

Belmont Press makes plans to return to B2 in 2016
New 18,000sph Speedmaster XL 75-5+L with Inpress Control to replace both a B3 five-colour and a B1 ten-colour press…

SPGPrints’ DSI UV inkjet press for Panel Solutions
Panel Solutions expands synthetic tile production and design capabilities with SPGPrints’ DSI digital UV-curable inkjet press…

Lead articles on Friday 24 July from previous update… 

Previous…   Copy Express announces franchise expansion in the Cape
One of the Cape’s fastest-growing full service print and copy shops launches ambitious Xerox-driven franchise expansion…

Impact Innovations’ new KBA Flexotecnica flexo press
‘Made in the USA’ theme announces job creation and growth with Impact’s first central impression EVO XG ten-colour flexo press…

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Online Feature articles 2014 – 2015
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Downloads 2015 Chapter 01

Previous…    UK Printing – The Facts and Figures
Using data from a wide range of official sources, the BPIF publishes UK printing – the facts and figures educational flyer…

Technology-related 2015 Chapter 02

World first ‘Direct Print Powered by KHS’ with Xaar 1002 Printheads
Innovative Martens Brouwerij in Belgium prints directly onto 12,000 PET beer bottles per hour to deliver ‘on-the-fly’ customisation at 1080dpi resolution…

July/Aug 2015 Chapter 06

Previous…    Esko Kongsberg XN22 and Automation Engine create best performing division
PhotoBox optimises canvas production division with Esko Kongsberg cutting and Esko Automation Engine workflow solutions…

Verdigris – Environmental Initiative

Laurel Brunner’s weekly Verdigris Blog 2015

The Drinkable Book
The weekly Verdigris blog by Laurel Brunner – Fri 28 August

Previous…    The Recyclability of Everything
The weekly Verdigris blog by Laurel Brunner – Sat 22 August

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drupa 2016 News from Messe Düsseldorf

Most recent…    drupa cube: innovative conference programme at drupa 2016
Bridging the gap between print professionals and their creative agency, marketing and brand owner clients across a variety of vertical markets…

drupa cube: Innovatives Konferenzprogramm zur drupa 2016
Print schlägt die Brücke zwischen Kreativagenturen, Marketiers, Brandownern und vertikalen Märkten…

drupa 2016 Expert Articles series

Previous…    Inkjet – state of the art or sci-fi fantasy print?
Touch the future. drupa expert Article no 3, August 2015, by Sean Smyth, a consultant and journalist and technical editor of Digital Labels & Packaging magazine in the UK…

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Previous…    Exhibitors double space for FESPA Eurasia 2015
Following the success of FESPA Eurasia 2014, 52 per cent of exhibitors at FESPA Eurasia 2015 have increased their stand size…

FESPA Eurasia 2015 visitor registration open
Online visitor registration is now available for the leading wide-format print event, FESPA Eurasia 2015…

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