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Preview on the Congress International de Tecnologia Gráfica hosted by ABTG

On 24 August 2017 the Congress International de Technologia Gráfica hosted by Associação Brasileira de Tecnologia Gráfica —ABTG will happen in São Paulo, Brazil. It’s all about cross-media / multichannel and transformation driving innovation and change in the graphic communications industries. And for sure it’s about changing market needs and the future of print.

By recommendation of Hamilton Terni Costa, a good friend and the head of AN Consulting, Andreas Weber, Head of Value, got invited by Manoel Manteigas de Oliveira, Technical Director at ABTG, the Brazilian Association of Printing Technology, to give a keynote presentation. A good opportunity for Tânia Galluzzi to set up an interview in advance for Abigraf Magazine Graphic Technology Magazine.

What are the main topics of your speech?

Andreas Weber: My key message will be: If you want to benefit from innovation to strengthen your marketing success you have to be able to understand and to handle transformation in the digital age properly. That means: Innovative printing companies need to transform their production business into a sustainable and future oriented marketing solution provider business to hit market and customer needs. And they have to understand how to support their customers to transform their marketing as well in a sustainable, profitable way. In my Keynote you will learn:

  • Secrets of Transformation
  • Impact on Print / Graphic Communications
  • Learn from the best (selected cases)
  • Guidelines to create a win-win-win momentum

How important is a congress like this today?

Andreas Weber: I am absolutely sure the Congress International de Technologia Gráfica hosted by ABTG will have a great impact on the whole industry and its customers. It is important to bundle different visions, opinions and talents to master the change and to get ready for transformation. To meet in person enables to reach the best network effects you can get. I am proud to be part of a best-in-class speaker team! It will be my pleasure and honor to blog about it to share all those upcoming news from Brazil with my global network.

Have you ever been in São Paulo?

Andreas Weber: I am happy to get back to São Paulo after 15 years. In 2002 I had the pleasure to meet Francisco Mesquita Neto, the CEO of O Estado, and Luis Fries, the CEO of Folha. We discussed at that time the disruptiv impact of the Internet and Online Communication on the newspaper and media business. I figured out that what they did in Brazil was right at the cutting edge!  — And last but not least: I admire the art & culture in São Paulo — very well known and loved by me for decades as a centre of philosophy and amazing (jazz) music.

—Thanks for the conversation. We will be happy to welcome you in Brazil.





See further information at the ABTG website.





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