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Warm-up by Bernd Zipper and Peter Gunning before #ops2017 got started — Photo: Andreas Weber.

Word-class Event. Fantastic. Unforgettable.

The 5th Online Print Symposium on the subject of “Online Challenge – Focus on Customer Centricity” in Munich on 6 – 7 April 2017 once again set the standard. 300 high-calibre attendees from 15 countries confirmed the conclusion: “Onward to new shores. With heart and mind!”


By Andreas Weber, Head of Value  |  German version

The organisers – Fogra, BVDM, zipcon – can be proud and satisfied. With the 5th Online Print Symposium 2017 (in short: #ops2017) they have once more managed to set the bar higher. There is scarcely a specialist event anywhere in the world with its focus on print innovations that is so professional, soundly-based, rich in content and above all “socially valuable” in its design. The visitors come not just to be there. They join in and contribute their ideas. After all, relationships are everything, including in the business world.

Prelude: On the evening before, there had already been a trial run for the keynote of the first day of the event. In a skilled professional but relaxed atmosphere. Video animation via Facebook: Andreas Weber for ValuePublishing.


In this way, the theme of “Customer Centricity” is taken into account in a very special way, as our multimedia “ValuePublishing Report” demonstrates so impressively via Storify: Over 50 participants and even experts who unfortunately could not be there, made their contributions via this social media communication. To date, no audience has been so involved and committed. And that’s a good thing. Because the slogan: “Do good and publicise it” is more important than ever. The excellent lectures from the panel showed that the future starts today. Online print survives on smart shopping. And this also includes smart communication in the form that all those involved can participate in.

Peter Gunning, founder and CEO of Grafenia plc, Manchester, UK, who achieved a leading global position with his project with the transformation of a printing works business concept (slogan: Print is lifestyle), gave his impressions immediately after the #ops2017 symposium. Immediate, real-time, emotionally gripping. Many thousands of users immediately followed this with enthusiasm on LinkedIn.


An innovation: A real surprise awaited the audience in the hall: As a live TV reporter and with the support of an expert camera team I was able to beam all the exhibitors in the foyer and atrium into the hall on a giant screen. In this way, 11 firms were presented in less than 60 minutes. The audience’s reaction was excellent. Because the exhibitors were not presented lecturing on the stage but by their stands and they were able to give information by interviews in the shortest possible time on what they do and what benefit visitors obtain from it. And visitors called by in droves during the breaks. Benchmark!

Interesting: In the evaluation, LinkedIn was the favourite social media platform before, during and after #ops2017 (>10k interactions in 72 hours!). Reports were not only published in real time but also summarised and actively commented on. In addition, incredible cover was achieved via Twitter and this is still growing now, several days after #ops2017. There are bound to be yet more blog articles. The first summaries have already been published on

ValueImpressions of day 1 at #ops2017 | Video Animation: Andreas Weber

For all those who were there or above all for those who were not able to attend, there is the fastest and simplest introduction below in our ValuePublishing Storify report based on a summary of the 200 or so most important tweets. It couldn’t be more compact and, above all, more authentic!

ValuePublishing Report #ops2017 via Storify.png

Watch the Storify by clicking the link:

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Insights #OPS2017 – will online print forever be an industry of start-ups?

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“Best-of”-Video (german/english)



LiveTV-Session with Tweak




LiveTV-Session with Highcon




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