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#XUG15EU News Update (Part 1)

All about the 1st. and best for ever #Multichannel #Innovation conference in Berlin.
Smart. But disruptive! Organized by XMPie User Group. To be continued!

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Multi-channel in Berlin

As I type, Thomas Schnettler from Locr is educating a room of 150 digital print professionals about the use of map content for geolocalised campaigns. We’re about to move on to a session from Hootsuite about social media marketing and, later, we’ll hear about the advent of mobile from the genius team at Documobi. 

I’m at the XMPie User Group meet-up in Berlin, the first European outing of its kind and the type of place where you really don’t want a bomb to go off, or for an earthquake to happen: it’s a meeting of some of the digital print industry’s most innovative minds. These are the people who are genuinely multi-channel, who understand that user-generated content is the way forward, and that brands now insist on using the right medium for the right message because they have no choice.

The fact is that there are too few conversations about multi-channel happening in this space. It’s a major reason why print is falling behind in the eyes of marketers and print buyers, and too few stories about how the joined-up world is sparking the interest of an audience. Whatever engagement you seek, you don’t need to be using every platform but you must consider an individual user’s contact points in order to nudge them successfully through to completion, however that is defined by your project.

I’m up shortly, with Output being touted as an example of a great multi-channel proposition. I’m delighted to be taking the stage with Andreas Weber, but I know there is so much we can do to engage and inspire more broadly. The question is, what are you doing to progress multi-channel within your business?

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