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Off to new shores:
The Value Academy started successfully.
And we have big plans!

Mainz, 2014

Dear friends of the Value Communication AG,

who, like us, deals with innovation, should have noted in recent years: it is more difficult to come to terms with the rapid technological progress. Especially, when it comes to the implementation into practical, market-and customer-oriented and ultimately understandable solutions.

Besides the growing complexity we observe an acute emergency: the most innovative developers have significant deficits in the communication of their benefits of their new solutions and its customers benefits.

Here we use our “Knowledge on Demand” concept of the Value Academy. It is important to understand today what will be relevant tomorrow. And: Relevant knowledge from practice for practice.

To meet these tough requirements, we have used our innovative talent to establish a modular system. Knowledge areas are not only significant for innovation, but also in the transformation of what we do. Secondly, we launched an “Academic Team”, which brings together interdisciplinary skills & talents. And last but not least, there is the Knowledge-Offer of the Value Academy‘s “Visiting Professors”. They will contribute their extensive knowledge and experience as well as their core competencies.

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So far, the following Academic Team-Members have followed the call of the Value Academy:

  • As Honorary Chairman, Karl Heinrich Schwarz, Frankfurt, former publishing director and Chairman of the Value Communication AG, with decades of world-wide experience.
  • Dr. Ying Lin Sill, Mainz, art historian and painter from the Middle Kingdom, with the East and West she brings together the highest cultural level.
  • Jörg Blumtritt, Munich, proven media expert and highly educated “Datarized Life” visionary.
  • Frank Beinhold, Berlin, driver and promoter with outstanding integrated Media-Production-Concepts, with decades of successful agency and brand experience.

We are currently in discussion with other personalities to expand the Academic Team to around a dozen exclusive “appointee”.

The Value Communication AG team with Anne Greiff as Office Manager and Board Member, and Andreas Weber as CEO and President of the Value Academy take care of all management and organizational tasks. We receive important support from the dynamic, fresh talents of our value designer Lidia Lukianova, SF Bay Area, California, and Jenny Krepp, Value Marketing Fellow.

The Academic Team is selectively involved in all major decisions and arrangements, with the aim to combine unique expertise for the benefit of all. Our efficient and effective structure ensures that no one is overloaded.

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As an Academic Team member three important core aspects in the “Added Value of the Value Academy“ are visible benefits:

  1. As “Visiting Professor” lectures can be introduced and are paid.
  2. For the planned Value Academy-Certifications auditors are needed.
  3. And last but not least the Value Academy events offer the best opportunities for new business activities for all Academic-Team-Members.

In total an extremely actionable format is created with an “Innovation and Transformation Task Force”:

  • Any type of marketing communication can be innovated and transformed at the highest level in a team.
  • We follow our Value-Promise: Fast-track your personal success (and your profitable growth).

Value_Academy_Info_English FINAL 10072013.010

Save the Date – Special Invitation:

On Saturday, the 14th of September 2013, we invite you to meet our Academic Team Members in Mainz. Together with Dr. Ying Lin Sill and the Value Art & Communication Lab an open house day in the Mainz Office will be organized under the initiative “21. Activity Open Studios”. From 12 o‘clock on in the Walpodenstraße 1, 55116 Mainz, we invite you to use this opportunity to meet in person and exchange. Further details follow soon.

We look forward to a successful cooperation!

Best regards from the Gutenberg City Mainz.
Yours sincerely,

Andreas Weber
CEO of the Value Communication AG
President of the Value Academy


Check out our Value Academy offer in detail.


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