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Liebe Partner und Freunde der werthaltigen Kommunikation,

oft werde ich gefragt, ob das Twittern und Bloggen überhaupt Sinn macht.

Jetzt kann ich mit noch mehr Gewissheit sagen:

JA! Und wie!

Unser Blog wurde gerade ZERTIFIZIERT durch die Deutsche Nationalbibliothek und mit der ISSN 2364-7639 versehen.

Das ehrt ungemein, da die Kriterien streng sind, und v. a. ein (wissenschaftlich-inhaltlich) fundierter Anspruch erfüllt werden muss. Zudem ist damit der Blog wissenschaftlich zitierfähig.

Ich empfehle daher um so mehr, den Blog zu subskribieren. Das geht einfach, in dem man der der Internetseite „Follow“ anklickt.

Dann sind die neuesten Beiträge zu Kunst+Kommunikation, zu Kommunikation-Technologien sowie generell zu den wichtigsten Innovationsthemen immer sogleich per Meldung im Blick. Beiträge sind in deutsch und/oder englisch.

Wer mehr im Detail wissen möchte, kann sich gerne melden. Zumal wir auch Gastbeiträge und Interviews publizieren.

Herzliche Grüße aus der Gutenberg-Stadt Mainz,

Andreas Weber

PS: Übrigens ist die Zahl der Leser/User immens gestiegen. Alleine in den letzten 15 Monaten sind über 20.000 neue hinzugekommen. Aus über 100 Ländern der Welt!

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Dear Partners and Friends of valuable communications,

I got often asked whether the twittering and blogging makes sense — or even not!

Now I can say with more certainty:

YES! It makes sense to blog! A lot!

Our blog got just CERTIFIED provided by the German National Library (Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, Frankfurt am Main)and is now listed as ISSN 2364-7639.

I am very proud because the criteria are strict, and above all the content must be on a first class level. In addition, the Blog is approved to be scientifically quotable.

I therefore recommend to subscribe to our blog. That’s easy. Just click on the website the “Follow” button.

Then you will receive automatically a message to get access to the latest contributions related to art and communication, technologies and in general the most important innovation topics. All blog posts are available in German and/or English.

Who wants to know more in detail, is welcome to contact me at any time. Especially since we also publish guest posts and interviews.

Greetings and warm regards from the Gutenberg City of Mainz,

Andreas Weber

PS: By the way, the number of readers / users has increased immensely. In the last 15 months over 20,000 new unique visitors added. Out of more than 100 countries!

PPS: The Blog is optimized for Mobile Usage. Looks great!

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”What we need today in business are smart communicators. Beyond Facebook! Aligned with the culture of communication! Only smart communicators are able to create interaction to unify Social Technologies & Human-to-Human needs.”  —Andreas Weber, Founder and CEO Value Communication AG


It is not by chance that this initiative and project will start and take place in Mainz/Germany, the hometown of Johannes Gutenberg and and the hometown of the Culture of Communication. It is a line extension of our ValueAcademy work thousands of professional from 30+ countries joined already.



Today, almost everyone thinks that communication has a high value. But most of us don’t know how to identify and how to use the real value of communication to optimize the business success. As digital natives, everyone uses Facebook, Twitter and many other digital platforms, however; being a smart communicator is something else beyond Facebook, which requires to be not only a digital native, but also to be a digital savvy by using relevant online platforms effectively after learning the real value of communication.


Value Communication AG offers an idea under the name of ”ValueCamp“ so as to convert smart technologies into smart communication on track of learning the real value of communication. ValueCamp supports candidates to learn in the most effective and most profitable way by focusing on high technology and media usage skills and bringing art, culture and communication together. It is a new approach. Based on decades full of practice and experiences in valuable communications. And last but not least: we respect always all kind of skills and the talent of ValueCamp attendees to get enriched. — We promise: ValueCamp gets the best out of you!

How ValueCamp works

ValueCamp can be done all year around, with individuals or in groups of up to 7 participants and time between 2 weeks (groups) and 12 weeks (one to three participants) accompanied with a professional analyst and the CEO of Value Communication AG, Andreas Weber. Even One-to-One Coachings are possible. As a first candidate of ValueCamp, Şükran Ceren Salalı from Istanbul has published her new interactive iBook The Real Value of Communication — Experience our game changing scenario: Mainz– Hometown of the culture of communication in which she explained her value learnings about the real value of communication during her stay in Mainz and her Value Camp experience for 3 months in Summer 2014.

Advantage of Mainz as a center of culture of communication

Mainz is a perfect city to experience the real value of communication with the rich culture and history behind. Based in Mainz, the ValueCamp organizer, Value Communication AG, is an international research and knowledge mediation service provider for communication and interaction (mainly in B2B) and, already being in good relationships with talented professionals specially from ChinaTurkeyBrazil and last but not least Germany (Mainz);  Since 2009, we have coached and promoted students and post-graduates from Turkey and those from Germany who studied in foreign countries and came back to find a job. Beside this we advised and supported since 1995 young Creatives to start-up their own communication service businesses. They benefited from our profound experience and insights to optimize their own business models and to speed up their go-to-market success. It is related to the well known ValueServices “Advice, Knowledge, Connectivity“ which are to be used by “Rent-a-Brain“ or by project business for clients.

How to get started

  1. Subscribe for free to our ValueTrendRadar blog, one of the best knowledge compendium for communication, art and culture (posts in german and english language).
  2. Download for free our amazing interactive Value Art+Com iBooks. Specially “The Real Value of Communication” and the “ValueTrendRadar iBook“.
  3. Book a personalized workshop or coaching to catch the spirit of the real value of communication (Face-to-Face in our beautiful office or via Webex online session). Costs: Between € 200.00 and € 1,500.00 plus V.A.T.

How to proceed

Experience in a smart way how to benefit from our smart knowledge and to become a smart communicator.


FacebookTwitter or by Email to

Our ValueCamp services are also available for companies. We recommend to start with a ValueCheck and ValueTalk to identify quickly the real demand and needs and to create a roadmap for companies learnings and tasks.

PS: We had the pleasure to present ValueCamp as a Start-up project on August 21st., 2014 in Mainz at “Gründergrillen” event. The around 100 attendees liked it and welcomed it!


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PS: We had the pleasure to present ValueCamp as a Start-up project on August 21st., 2014 in Mainz at “Gründergrillen” event. The around 100 attendees liked it and welcomed it!



Read more about ValueCamp

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© 2014 by Value Communication AG, Mainz/Germany



Good Question:
What is the Real Value of Communication?


This good question is easy to answer:

The Real Value of Communication is creating Value via Communication!

  • But what does it mean?
    Talk to each other!
    Listen to each other.
    Understand each other.
    Like each other.
    Even if you don’t, respect each other.


The dilemma:

  • Most of us fail.
    Most of us are not able to listen.
    Most of us are not able and willing to understand!
    We don’t care.
    We just talk. We just act. We just want to… (something, which seams to be good for us.)


My advice to access the value of communication:

If you want to create Value, just stop your stupid talk and behaviour. 
 Just listen and learn. Learn how to learn.
Respect the Value of Communication. Respect other Human Beings, the Nature, the Animals. Everything which is different, but valuable.

It’s that easy.


Think about it:

  • Learn how to like yourself. (Don’t be selfish.)
    Learn to listen.
    Learn (in the right way) how to use media and technologies.
    Learn to understand the Value of Art, Culture and Communication.
    Learn and practice — And re-learn every day, every minute, every second.

Become a very smart communicator to create the 
 Value of Communication by valuable communication.

It’s that easy!




Watch the video as well!





We value the value of Mainz as a centre for the culture of communication.


Who we are:

As a global research & publishing company Value Communication AG was founded in 2007 by its CEO Andreas Weber based in Mainz/Germany, the hometown of Johannes Gutenberg.


The Aim of Our Project:

Our Value Art & Com ( i.e. Communication) project came up as an idea after Sükran Ceren Salali who came to Mainz from Istanbul as an Erasmus intern in Value Communication AG, inspired by the rich cultural and artistic environment of the city of Mainz and decided to experience it in order to find out the interaction between the rich culture of the city of Johannes Gutenberg and the real value of communication. The project includes photographs and movies taken with a different perspective in various points of Mainz, interviews with people from different countries and professions who live in Mainz and also ValueCheck! surveys as a valuable resource to experience the effectiveness of communication.


Why You Should Participate:

In the age of digital transformation, the importance of communication reached its high levels and also transformed into various platforms and tools. In order to become more successful in the market, businesses should adapt their strategies based on this new face of communication process. Moreover, the satisfaction of customers become more and more as the center of business process. For this reason, Value Communication AG guides companies on track of achieving the effectiveness of communication and acquiring right strategies so as to satisfy their customers and having more profits.

After participating our project and as an option applying our ValueCheck! approach, companies have the chance to see on which areas they have deficiencies and how they can strengthen their business processes via having the support of Germany´s leading business communication analyst and innovation expert, Andreas Weber.


The Interview Project:

Ten years ago from now, Andreas Weber and Guido Ludes prepared the book „Mainz — Stadtlandschaften 2″ including various artworks of Ludes, texts related with Mainz and short comments by people from different professions from the owner of a bakery to the minister-president of Mainz. — BTW: It happened exactly in the same year, 2104, when Marc Zuckerberg founded Facebook!

Even though it was a great resource and a stylish book, so many things are changed in Mainz last 10 years, as is with many other phases of life. Therefore, we think that it would be very useful to repeat a similar project with new candidates and a new content.

The interview project includes a question: What is the real value of communication?

We have already interviewed around 20 people; almost half of them from business experts of the Rheinland-Pfalz region, most of the with an international background. Finally we talked already to the governor of Rheinland-Pfalz region, Ministerpräsidentin Malu Dreyer.



More Information:



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© 2014 by Andreas Weber, Value Communication AG, Mainz/Germany


By Şükran Ceren Salalı, Value Communication Fellow


Is your knowledge always up-to-date?

Wouldn’t it be great to know already today what will be relevant tomorrow?


Crucial: You cannot know what you don’t now! — Right?

Today, technology innovation is far more crucial for company’s success than before. However, compared to the past, it is more difficult to keep up with rapid technological progress. For that purpose, Value Academy offers a unique proposition which provides an overview of facts, knowledge and above all the knowledge that is needed to make the right decisions in the shortest possible time. Value Academy uses “Knowledge on Demand” concept in order to understand what will be relevant for tomorrow with a modular system and an Academic Team.

How it works:

In order to get access to the services and benefits of Value Academy, you can select your program, select your knowledge area, and then sign in for Workshops, Coachings, Executive Briefings, Webcasts or experience the Value Art & Communication Lab. The structure of Value Academy is consisting of three parts such as modular, networked and knowledge-based system that serves as a back-up in market-and customer-oriented relations on the verge of correcting companies deficiencies on communication with understandable solutions.

Your Benefits:

Value Academy has a modular system with “Innovation and Transformation Task Force” and an Academic Team that provide modular options without schematic routine treatment. The system is cooperated with independent knowledge partners and interdisciplinary skills on technology, marketing and media tools. At the end, successful attendees receive a Value Academy Certification.


Please contact us for further information!
Via email:


To follow us on Twitter:


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 ValueCheck Audits: Fast-track your communication success


Kommunikation ist (k)eine Kunst.

Es klingt fast profan, ist es letztlich aber doch nicht: Kommunikation setzt Dinge in Bewegung. Und werthaltige Kommunikation stellt den nachhaltigen profitablen Geschäftsverlauf sicher. In unserem Marketing-getriebenen Digital-Zeitalter sind neue Marketing-Kommunikationskonzepte, -maßnahmen und -wege gefragt, die Innovationen in den Fokus stellen. Doch leicht gerät die Suche nach Innovation zur  “Jagd nach dem Goldenen Kalb”. Zu viele “Buzz Words” und dubioses Experten-Kauderwelsch schaffen eher Verwirrung als Ordnung.

Abhilfe tut not.


Die zentrale Frage lautet:
Wie kann man die Kommunikationsfähigkeit eines Unternehmens bewerten? 

Die Analyse und Bewertung der Kommunikationsfähigkeit einer Unternehmung ist für ein erfolgreiches Marketing eine Grundvoraussetzung, um profitable Geschäfte und prosperierendes Wachstum zu ermöglichen. Bislang erfolgt dies in der Praxis aber nicht. Getestet und analysiert wird vielmehr, welche Kommunikationsmaßnahmen bei Image-/Markenaufbau und -pflege sowie bei verkaufs- und absatzfördernden Kampagnen welche Effekte bringen. Für jeden Kommunikationskanal gibt es eigene, spezifisch ausgelegte Auswertungskriterien.

Wir wissen zudem durch aktuelle Forschungsergebnisse, dass Sonderwerbeformen, ›Special Effects‹ oder Crossmedia-Kampagnen in der sog. ›werblichen Kommunikation‹ stets mehr bringen, aber auch stets mehr kosten [vgl. u. a. Dr. Peter Haller, GfK: ›Building Best Brands‹, München 2009]. Die Frage nach der bestmöglichen Wirkung spezifischer Kommunikationsmaßnahmen beantwortet aber noch nicht die nach der Qualität der Kommunikationsfähigkeit eines Unternehmens. Hier sind ganz andere Faktoren und Einflussgrößen zu bewerten, die weit über das Spektrum der klassischen Werbewirkungsforschung oder von ›Media-Audits‹ hinausführen.


Werthaltigkeit mit System

Die Werthaltigkeit der Kommunikation muss durch systematische Erforschung, kontinuierliche qualitative Überwachung und die zentrale Steuerung der Geschäftskommunikation erfolgen. Innerhalb unserer Value-Communication-Methodik erfolgt dies durch ein ›Value Check Audit‹.

Hier wird zunächst per ›ValueCheck‹ ein Fragenkatalog abgearbeitet, der acht zentrale Themenbereiche umfasst, die jeweils mit Detail-Fragen unterfüttert werden und deren Beantwortung im ›Ja-Nein-Keine-Angaben‹-Rhythmus abgearbeitet werden. Die Ergebnisse werden im ›Value Score Index‹ dargestellt. Die Befragung wird vom Value-Auditor mit Unternehmensentscheidern innerhalb von 45 bis 90 Minuten durchgeführt. Die Auswertung ergibt schlüssige, konkrete Anhaltspunkte für die Verbesserungs- und Innovationsmöglichkeiten der Organisation und Strukturen, der Kommunikationsarchitektur, der Kommunikationsprozesse, der Kommunikationskanäle und -mittel. 


Value System Implementation

© 2014 by Value Communication AG, Mainz/Germany


Weiterer Schritt: Vom Audit zum Benchmark

In Value Profile-Workshops können die Ergebnisse vorgestellt, diskutiert und in Handlungsempfehlungen inklusive einer Roadmap umgesetzt werden. Auf dieser Basis ist eine ganzheitliche Bewertung der Kommunikationsfähigkeit möglich; regelmäßige Updates erlauben, Verbesserungen vorzunehmen.

Zweckdienlich ist es, die ValueCheck Audits auf Branchen und Wirtschaftsbereiche auszudehnen, um über Benchmark-Vergleiche die eigenen Fähigkeiten kritisch prüfen und optimieren zu können. Über ValueCheck und ValueProfile erfolgt die strategische Analyse, die im Ergebnis das Design einer neuen Kommunikationsarchitektur liefert. Die Performanz der Kommunikationsarchitektur hängt von der Güte des Value Scoutings ab, dass heisst dem Aufspüren geeigneter, relevanter Kommunikationsinnovationen, die kontinuierlich auf Basis von Wissensvermittlung mit Best-Practice-Auswertungen in der Value Academy darstellbar sind. Das Aufspüren, die Auswahl und die Implementierung von Kommunikationsinnovationen muss als iterativer Prozess verstanden werden, der durch die Value Audits auf seine Wertigkeit und Wirkung überprüft und permanent optimiert werden kann.


Bei Interesse steht Andreas Weber für Fragen und Anregungen zur Verfügung.



Hier bitte klicken für weitere Informationen (in englischer Sprache)!




Unser einzigartiges Value Academy-Programm bietet passende Wissenmodule, die in die Methodik der Value Audits inkl. Value Check einführen und ad hoc erste Ergebnisse liefern. 


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